Travel Insurance Articles

Neither Rain Nor Snow: Does Travel Insurance Cover Inclement Weather?

Every year, 62% of Americans travel away from home to go on vacation.  There is always this happiness and excitement […]

Travel Insurance vs International Health Insurance: What's the Difference?

You have been dreaming of this trip or move, for years, and you have painstakingly planned all aspects. You have […]

9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise

Anything can happen when you plan a trip to the Bahamas or any other exotic place on a cruise. You […]

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Canada Travel? Why It's a Good Idea

Canada got 21 million visitors last year alone. If Canada is your dream destination, take the trip without a second […]

When to Buy Travel Insurance: A Guide for Visitors in Canada

Planning a vacation is one of life's great pleasures. If you're lucky enough to travel internationally, you're choosing flights, picking […]

How Does Travel Insurance Work in Canada?

An estimated 26.5 million Canadians traveled abroad last year. Around half going a short distance across the U.S. border, with […]

Everything Parents and Grandparents Need to Know About Getting a Canadian Super Visa

Over 100,000 people tried to access this visa application form in January when Canadian immigration services made updates to their […]

How to Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa and If You Need Travel Insurance

Last year, 21 million tourists visited Canada. That’s a record-breaking amount of people from other countries entering various different entry […]

13 Tips For Buying The Best Travel Insurance Policy

In 2015, Canadians made more than 30 million overnight trips outside of the country. Over 80% of those trips were […]

Travel Insurance Tips And Advice

A study conducted in Canada revealed that most people have shallow knowledge of travel insurance. A whopping 99 percent of […]

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