Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Are you on the journey towards home ownership? Using Insurdinary’s mortgage affordability calculator provides an excellent snapshot of your mortgage maximum payment capabilities and overall affordability.
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Mortgage Affordability
Core Concepts

The most important step when shopping for a mortgage is to determine just how much you can afford. Insurdinary takes the guesswork out of accurately calculating your affordability with our mortgage affordability calculator.

This user-friendly tool allows you to enter pertinent information such as:

  • Downpayment
  • Debt payments
  • Location of your new home
  • Estimated living costs in your new home
  • Your annual income

How life insurance can help you buy a home?

Some life insurance policies allow for withdrawals, and some don’t. A permanent life insurance policy is usually the only one that will allow this as they provide coverage for your entire lifespan.

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How much mortgage can I afford?

Insurdinary's mortgage affordability calculator is the by far to most comprehensive, accurate and transparent one on the market. Can you afford your dream home? Read more...

Everything you need to know about Mortgage Pre-Approval.

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The impact of income and debt on mortgage affordability

Mortgage lenders take into consideration various factors when deciding whether or not you are a high or low-risk borrower. On the top of that list is your debt-to-income ratio. This will determine how much of a loan you are approved for. The loan amount you are approved for, then determines where you will live.

Preparing to buy a home in today’s market

With the housing market expected to climb, even more, feeling overwhelmed and slightly hesitant about jumping into the real estate market isn’t unusual. There are ways, however, to better prepare yourself financially to purchase a home during this time.
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