Insurance Articles

A Guide on Becoming an Insurance Agent in Canada

Are you considering a career change? Are you looking for a career in a strong industry? Would you like to […]

Top 10 Insurance Books

If you're running an insurance company, you don't need some website to tell you how difficult how it can be. […]

How Do Insurance Companies Make Money?

Insurance companies make billions of dollars every single year. From collecting premiums to rejecting claims, insurance companies may not surprise you […]

Car Insurance Coverage: What Does It Normally Cover?

25% of Canadians have never read their car insurance policies. They're worried about what coverage they'll receive and how much it […]

What Is Manulife Vitality?

Are you looking for a program that rewards you for making healthy choices? Do you need the motivation or want […]

Home Insurance Claim vs Do-It-Yourself

In Canada, insurance claims, including homeowner’s claims, have risen over the past decade. In some cases, homeowners opt to file […]

The Consequences of A Missed Insurance Payment

It is illegal to drive in Canada without adequate car insurance. Similarly, many homeowners' mortgages are contingent on carrying appropriate home insurance. […]

Electric Car Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

The electric car may have done away with the internal combustion engine, but it hasn't halted the need for car insurance.  […]

Car Insurance Rates By Province

The world of Canadian car insurance there isn't an even playing field. Car insurance rates by province can vary wildly. […]

GMS Insurance Claim

Group Medical Service (GMS) is a Canadian insurance company. It's been offering insurance products to Canadians for over 70 years. […]

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