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What Is The Speed of Change in Insurance Industry?

The world is moving fast and innovation is at its height in seemingly every area of business - and particularly […]

Data Analytics in Insurance

Data analytics is a complex field that many companies use to maximize profits and improve business practices. But what exactly […]

Submitting Foresters Financial Claims

Whenever we face loss we can feel devastated. We want to handle the insurance claims sooner than later. But all […]

Why Do Insurance Deductibles Exist?

An essential aspect of any insurance policy: the deductible. Chances are you've heard the term, or even potentially had to […]

Submitting Equitable Life Claims

Equitable Life Canada is a financial company with a long history of very strong growth using a conservative approach to […]

Cyber Security Impact on Insurance Industry

Are you aware that cybercrime increased 600 percent due to the COVID-19 pandemic? With so many workers forced to work […]

Equitable Life Login and Registration

According to a 2019 survey, 49% of Canadians do not have life insurance. This leaves people's loved ones in the […]

APOLLO Insurance Review

Are you tired of insurance companies that don't quite give you what you need? We understand. It seems like no […]

Submitting Intact Insurance Claims

Something terrible has happened. You've been in an accident, or you've experienced a natural disaster in your area. It's OK, […]

The Insurance Industry Customer Experience

The world has been changing at a breakneck pace for decades now. It has been difficult for many different businesses […]

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