Careers Articles

What Is the Minimum Wage in Ontario?

The minimum wage in Ontario is going to increase on October 1, giving thousands of workers a slight paycheque bump […]

Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Is your teen lazing around at home during the summer? Sure, summer is a valuable time off from school and […]

How Safe Is My Job | Will AI Take Over

There's no doubt about it, technology breeds social change. The industrial revolution created the modern world, and it certainly came as a […]

Jobs of the Future: Are You In or Out?

Technology is changing the future faster than ever before. We are taking giant leaps in the industry to improve our […]

A Guide on Becoming an Insurance Agent in Canada

Are you considering a career change? Are you looking for a career in a strong industry? Would you like to […]

World’s Most Boring Jobs

Did you know that nearly half of working Canadians are considering leaving their job? As we emerge from the worst of the […]

How to Talk to Your Boss Under Every Circumstance

Some employees are able to build relationships with their bosses by either staying with the same company for several years, […]

Side Hustle in Canada

The term 'side hustle' is becoming more and more popular all over the world.  Earning passive income has become a […]

Hobbies That Make Money In 2021

Most dictionaries once defined a hobby as an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main […]

The Most Notable Canadian Millionaires by Province

How many millionaires in Canada? As of 2019, there were around 1.3 million people with over a million dollars in Canada, […]

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