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Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs may arguably be the most popular hockey team in Canada. They have a long history, spanning […]

Average IQ: Canada vs the World (and How They Measure Up?)

IQ gets discussed a lot, but what does it mean? What is the average IQ? And how do you measure […]

CIBC Costco Mastercard: New Credit Card Partnership

Here are some fun facts about Costco that you probably didn't know: There are 102 Costco stores in Canada and […]

Tim Hortons - Canada’s National Treasure

I'll have a large double-double, a box of assorted Timbits, three dutchies, and an iced capp, please. Sorry, one more […]

Most Common Names in the World

Names — we all have them. While they are something we often take for granted, names are in many ways representative […]

Celebrity Insurance Policies That Are Worth More Than Your House

How much is a pair of legs, a bottom or someone's hair worth? The answer is that it depends whose […]

Greatest Insurance Scams of All Time

Every year, insurance claims are filed for a variety of reasons. Most of these are legitimate—but quite a few are […]

The Greatest Heists in History

Are you fond of heist stories and films? There's a reason behind all those top-rated Hollywood heists movies. It's not […]

Remember the Knight Rider? What Kind of Insurance Would He Need?

What would happen if you took Batman, gave him a whole new identity and a talking car sidekick, and then […]

Jobs of the Future: Are You In or Out?

Technology is changing the future faster than ever before. We are taking giant leaps in the industry to improve our […]

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