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Discover the crucial need for car insurance in Canada as collisions surge.
Inadequate coverage can lead to financial stress.

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Why Do You Need
Car Insurance?

The incidence of collisions saw a surge in 2022, with a 20% uptick compared to preceding year. In 2021, there were 60,659 reported collisions, while the number escalated to 74,172 in 2022.

Car and auto insurance in Canada is a crucial safeguard against the financial burden of unforeseen car-related expenses. In the unfortunate event of an accident, inadequate coverage can lead to substantial out-of-pocket expenditures, encompassing medical bills, repair costs, legal fees, and more. Life is replete with unexpected occurrences, including accidents, damages, and even the inconvenience of flat tires. Without adequate preparation, these expenses can accumulate quickly, placing you in a precarious financial situation.

To ensure your peace of mind and financial security, it's imperative not to overlook the importance of comprehensive car insurance coverage. Stay protected, so unexpected setbacks don't catch you off guard.

How does car insurance work?

Car insurance works similarly to other types of insurance. You will pay a monthly premium in order to get benefits that will offset the costs of potential accident-related repairs or injuries. Depending on your plan, your car insurance with cover a portion or all of your repairs or medical costs.

Canadian requirements for insurance

As a car owner, you are required to have insurance coverage on your vehicle in Canada. The required minimum liability is $200,000. This number may differ depending on the province or territory you live in. However, it’s highly recommended that you purchase more than the minimum amount. The higher the liability, the more coverage you have.

Fast-Track Your Search for theBest Car Insurance Policy

Looking for the most affordable car insurance rates in Canada? Look no further than Insurdinary! Our platform has established partnerships with the top car insurance providers in the country, ensuring that you receive the most competitive rates possible.

To access these exceptional rates, simply provide your information, and within moments, you'll receive a selection of budget-friendly car insurance quotes delivered directly to your inbox.

Insurdinary's commitment to offering hassle-free, cost-effective car insurance solutions makes it your go-to choice for securing reliable coverage at the best prices. Our user-friendly interface and extensive network of providers ensure that you can easily find the perfect car insurance plan tailored to your needs and budget. Don't miss out on the opportunity to save on your car insurance – trust Insurdinary to help you find the best deals available in Canada!
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How to Save Money
On Your Car Insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance in Canada? The best way to find the lowest rates is to compare policies and rates online.
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Here are some tips to help you save on your car insurance.

Shop Around and Compare Rates

Compare plans and rates from Canada’s top car insurance providers to find the best policy for you. Insurdinary makes it easy to get quotes and compare plans.

Ask for Discounts

Once you find the policy and provider you want, ask your provider if any discounts are available. You may be surprised!

Bundle Your Coverage

You can often bundle your car insurance and home insurance together to get a lower rate.

Improve Your Credit Score

Pay your bills on time to increase your credit score. This may make you eligible for lower monthly premiums.

Get Good Grades

If you are a student, your provider may offer discounts for good grades. Be sure to ask if any discounts are available.

Drive Safe

Maintain a safe driving record to get lower rates on your car insurance. Your rates may even decrease over time if you avoid any tickets or accidents.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

There’s car insurance available for all kinds of drivers and all types of vehicles. So how do you know which plan is best for you?

Check out the different types of car insurance coverage below to compare your options.

First Time Drivers

Are you new to the road? Or need to get coverage for another first-time driver? We can help! Compare quotes online to find safe, affordable coverage for yourself or your family member. You can save tons of money on your monthly premium with Insurdinary.

For Teen Drivers

Teenage drivers are prone to mistakes and accidents on the road. That’s why it’s important to get coverage if you are a new driver or have a teenaged family member that has just started driving. You can even bundle your plans together for a lower rate.

For College Students

On a college budget? Get affordable car insurance for your vehicle. Discounts may be available for safe driving, good grades, and more. Sign up with Insurdinary to compare rates.

For Adults

Get coverage for one or several vehicles by comparing providers online. Insurdinary gets you connected with multiple providers to help you compare plans and rates. Get quotes sent straight to your inbox.

For the Elderly

Find senior discounts on car insurance when you sign up with Insurdinary online. We’ll send you plans based on your age and driving history to ensure that you get the best price possible.

For Veterans

Did you serve in the armed forces? You may be eligible for lower car insurance premiums. Try Insurdinary to compare quotes and find the best plan for you.

For Multiple Cars

Compare quotes from multiple car insurance providers to compare plans side by side. Insurdinary helps you save money, get covered, and keep your car on the road!

Choose The Right Car Coverage For You & Your Family

Have one or more vehicles insure? Not sure how much coverage you need? We can help!

Insurdinary sends customized quotes sent straight to you all based on the unique coverage you need. Get coverage for your vehicle, your family’s vehicles, and new drivers. You can rest assured knowing you have the best, most affordable coverage, no matter what.
Auto Liability
Accident Repair
Car Repairs
Chiropractic Care
Legal Fees
Medical Expenses
Personal Injury
Property Damage
And More...
Compare car insurance online to get the coverage you and your family need.

Canada Car Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about car insurance coverage in Canada and how to get cheap car insurance quotes by checking out our FAQ section below.

Is car insurance required in Canada?

Yes. All drivers in Canada are required to have car insurance, starting at a minimum liability of $200,000. This may vary based on province. Having insurance ensures that you are covered if you are involved in an accident.

What if I'm a new driver?

New and teenage drivers are susceptible to accidents. Having car insurance above the minimum liability amount is always recommended, as this will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to paying out of pocket if there is an accident.

How does car insurance work?

Car insurance works similarly to other types of insurance. You will pay a monthly premium in order to get benefits that will offset the costs of potential accident-related repairs or injuries. Depending on your plan, your car insurance with cover a portion or all of your repairs or medical costs.

How do I get a quote?

To get a car insurance quote online, go to and sign up to get quotes sent straight to your inbox. We have partnered with Canada’s top providers to get you the best plans for the lowest rates.

How do I save money on car insurance?

The best way to save money on your car insurance is to shop around. Insurdinary makes this easy by bringing all of the providers. Simply compare plans and prices, then sign up. You can also save money on car insurance by maintaining a clean driving record, increasing your credit score, and asking for discounts.

How do I choose the best car insurance plan for me?

The best car insurance plan for you should be based on having the coverage you want at a price you can afford. With Insurdinary, you’re sent multiple car insurance quotes so you can compare plans and prices side by side. Then, talk to your provider about customizing your plan based on the number of vehicles you have, what your driving record looks like, how old you are, and more.
Get the car insurance coverage you need, at a price you can afford. Choose the right plan and rate for you by comparing quotes online.
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