Best Online Loans in Canada for 2024

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Need a fast and secure online loan in Canada with low sign-up fees and conservative interest rates? Insurdinary can help. Discover how seamless applying for a loan online is. Whether you are looking for a personal loan, debt relief, car or business loan, the resources here can help guide you in the right direction.
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Top Loan Companies in Canada -
Our Top Picks

There are thousands of lending companies in Canada, ranging from large financial institutions to small private lenders. Sifting through each one looking for the best rate, best repayment options and terms can be cumbersome. This is why we have partnered with the companies below who do the heavy lifting for you. By providing basic information on your intent to secure an online loan, the organizations below will electronically produce, in lightning speed, the online lenders who can service your request. It’s that simple.
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Loans Canada is a loan search platform which provides Canadians with the ability to quickly and easily apply for loans and financial products. Their specialty is connecting borrowers to the exact lenders who will service their monetary needs.

Loans Canada offers debt consolidation loans, personal loans, car loans and so much more. Transparency and education is prioritized with Loans Canada so that consumers can make better financial decisions. The application process is simple and user-friendly.

Loans Canada

Partners with a variety of lenders across Canada
Offers loans with both fixed and variable rates
Terms can range from 6 months to 5 years depending on lender and product
Interest rates ranging from 5.9% to 46.96% APR
Borrowers can use platform to compare different options
Loan Connect logo table is considered Canada’s #1 search engine for personal loans. Instead of being a direct lender, LoanConnect helps Canadians find and compare multiple online loan options.

You can get pre-approved for loans ranging between $500 to $50,000 and even sign up for loans within a day. Use their safe and secure system to find the best personal loan or installment loan for your needs.


Get loans between $500 to $50.000
Pre-approval within 5 minutes
Loan terms between 6 and 60 months
Rates as low as 4.6% APR
No hard credit check
Get money deposited in as little as 12 hours

How Does It Work?

Insurdinary works in tandem with Canada’s top loan providers. We connect you with loan aggregators in order to pair you with the provider, and the loan type that best suits your needs. The rates which are displayed for you are already compared and provided to you in real time. Rather than spending hours calling multiple companies and answering the same questions repeatedly, our website automatically connects you with results and an easy to apply-for-your-loan process.
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Choose Loan Type & Amount

Once you indicate what kind of loan you need, the amount you’re applying for, and some other basic information, our partners are able to filter through hundreds of lenders across the country to recommend the best possible option for you.

Personalized Offers

Our system automatically sorts through our provider network and sends you the best third-party offers directly on your screen, by phone or email to help you reach your goals faster.


At this point, the majority of folks are already pre-approved based on the information provided. The company or companies displayed for you are the ones most likely to approve your loan request. Now, you are applying directly with the lender.

How to Choose the Best
Online Loan in Canada?

When selecting a loan, assess your different types of needs, such as how much money you need to borrow and determine how long it will take you to repay the loan. Know your credit score beforehand, this will give you a general idea if you will be approved for the loan or not. Also, read any fine print that may be included in the application and/or contract. Lastly, understand that borrowing money for any reason is a serious financial decision. Make sure you’re in a good position to follow through with the responsibilities that come along with taking out a loan.

Know the terms and tips associated with them below before applying for an online loan:
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Interest Rates

A high interest rate means that you will be paying back a higher percentage of the principle on top of the original amount borrowed. Low interest rates are typically available to borrowers with good credit.

Interest Grace Periods

During the interest grace period, avoiding paying interest on your loan for a period of time may be helpful if you need some time for your paycheque to come in, or if you need to get back on your feet.

Loan Amount

Even though you can borrow up to $50,000 from some lenders, that doesn’t mean that you should. Due to possible fees and interest rates, you should only borrow what is realistically feasible for you to pay back and keep up with.


Does the lender tack on fees for late payments or even early payments? Be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly so you won’t face any unexpected (and expensive) surprises.

Repayment Options

Some repayment options may actually allow you to make lower monthly payments. This can help you better manage your cash flow to avoid defaulting on your loan. This may also help you avoid costly late fees.

Why Apply for Loans with Insurdinary

At Insurdinary we talk all things money. Insurdinary provides Canadians with straightforward financial literacy. We do all the testing, research, and reviews for you, and provide you with the financial tools that you need in order to see a more abundant future.

If done responsibly and with thought, taking out a loan can serve to be a beneficial financial decision. You will be able to access funds that are not otherwise available to you, which will help you reach your life’s goals. You’ll be able to budget and plan with ease, and even buy yourself a little something.

You can overall improve your credit score and live worry free, and finally live the life that you so rightfully deserve.
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Personal Loans

Taking out a personal loan is quite versatile and can be used to fund a number of reasons such as large purchases, a vacation, paying for a wedding, or whatever other reasons you may need the loan for. A personal loan is a good way to live worry free and make the necessary purchases that you need in order to better enjoy life.
Debt Relief icon

Debt Relief Loans

Debt Relief loans are there to help you alleviate the burdens of your current debts. Debt relief loans consolidate your debts. When you take out a debt relief loan, the lender is able to negotiate with the creditors in order to possibly lower your debts, making it more realistic and less cumbersome for you to make payments.
Car Loan icon

Car Loans

If you don’t qualify for leasing a new car because of your credit score, you may be able to take out a loan so that you can make the necessary monthly car payments. Depending on the lender, you’re able to borrow up to eighty percent to one-hundred percent of the total value of the car that you wish to purchase.
Business Loan icon

Business Loans

Business Loans are a great option for business owners who wish to expand or fund their businesses, but are not able to do so on their own. Typically, you will have to be in business for a number of years in order to qualify for this loan. Business loans are a great option to secure your future, and in turn, your finances.

Personal Loans
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Learn all about finding and applying for personal loans online in our FAQ section below.

Where can I borrow money online?

There are many places where you can borrow money online. One of the best and most secure ways is by signing up for an online loan through a trusted lending company. Look for companies with more than just a few reviews and read through them carefully to gain an idea of what others have experienced.

What is an online loan?

An online loan is a type of loan that is disbursed, approved or declined and processed entirely online without requiring the borrower to be in a physical location. Online loans are mostly offered by lenders and financial institutions which operate exclusively on the internet. They have the digital platforms in place to be able to process applications, check credit scores and arrange and complete the transfer of funds to the borrower.

How does online lending/borrowing work?

Also known as online lending, involves borrowing money from a company that operates exclusively online. The process of online borrowing/lending mainly includes the following steps:
  • Filling out an application where your personal information is required
  • Verification which the lender completes once all of this information is received
  • Approval process where the lender will inform you of how much you qualify for. This stage will also include the borrower signing the contract and will be provided the terms and conditions of the loan
  • Disbursement of funds which is when the borrower receives the money. This can be deposited directly into your bank account. This step may take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 or days depending on your financial institution
  • Repayment process begins usually on the next scheduled payday. The borrower is now actively repaying the loan on the scheduled days as agreed upon

Are online loans a good idea?

Online loans are a good idea if the money is borrowed through a reputable lender with a secure website. Security and confidentiality are important, so Insurdinary only recommends companies that maintain these high standards. Also, whether or not taking out an online loan depends on your own personal financial situation. They can be convenient if you need funds quickly and don’t qualify for a loan with a traditional bank. Just be sure to carefully consider the terms and conditions, the repayment terms and interest rates before you commit to an online loan.

What is the best online loan?

The "best" online loan varies based on your unique needs. This website does a fantastic job of connecting you to the lenders that offer low interest rates, great repayment plans, and a variety of borrowing options. You'll need to consider your own financial situation before choosing the best loan for you.

How do I find online loans with low interest rates?

Although fixed-rate loans are far more popular in Canada than variable rate loans. Variable rate loans are more prevalent for borrowing against lines of credit or mortgages, whereas fixed-rate loans are more attached to loan types such as personal or car loans. Finding loans with low interest rates begins with doing your research, or using a website like this which has already done the heavy lifting in terms of recommending aggregate providers.

Can I qualify for a loan if I have bad credit?

In short, yes. Not all lenders require a credit check, but many do. Most banks require a soft credit check to determine pre-approval, then a hard credit check if you agree to sign up for the loan.Some brokers don’t require a credit check at all and will set you up with lenders who will send you money within a day, no matter whether you have bad or good credit.
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