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Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Ontario Canada for 2023.

Few things are as important as health insurance. In Canada, every citizen has healthcare coverage.  The government funded system however, […]

A Complete Guide to Manulife Benefits and Coverage for Infertility Treatments

Infertility rates in Canada have doubled in the last 30 years, rising from under 8% in the '80s to roughly […]

TuGo Travel Insurance: A Full Review

Imagine you just booked the trip of your dreams. You become more excited as it gets closer, but you don't […]

16 Benefits of Manulife Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance

Are you considering a Manulife Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance plan? Reduce what you pay out-of-pocket for many routines and […]

Manulife FollowMe Enhanced Plan (vs Basic): What You Need to Know

When you're shopping for new health insurance, things can get a little confusing while understanding the complexities of a plan. […]

Which Health Insurance Companies Are the Best? Here's How to Decide

In 2021, experts estimated that Canadians spent $308 billion on health care. That means you spent about $8,019 last year […]

Green Shield Log In

A good insurance company will have clear, efficient means of communication. The best companies will cover your needs but also […]

How to Know If Your Dental Procedure is Covered by Green Shield

So, you're planning (or needing) to have a dental procedure? That's no fun. And worst of all, someone's got to […]

Submitting CAA Insurance Claims

Did you know CAA provides insurance and roadside services to over 6 million people across Canada? CAA has been in […]

Submitting Allstate Insurance Claims

Did you know that pet insurance is a thing? However, while Canadians spend a good deal of their money on […]

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