TuGo Travel Insurance: A Full Review

Posted on March 12, 2021

Imagine you just booked the trip of your dreams. You become more excited as it gets closer, but you don't want anything to ruin your travels.

So you look into some TuGo insurance reviews to see if TuGo travel insurance is necessary. Then, you can have the trip of a lifetime.

Read on to learn more.

What Makes TuGo Travel Insurance Amazing?

TuGo provides insurance to travellers, and they offer protection to millions of people throughout the world. The company complies with the Council of Canadian Insurance Regulators' (CCIR) guidelines on travel insurance.

They offer travel insurance for Canadian residents, students, visitors, and seniors.

Their underwriters are insurers from the Industrial Alliance Pacific General Insurance Corporation and Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. They also have underwriters from Lloyd's Underwriters.

TuGo’s Non-Medical Insurance Package

One of the best features of TuGo travel insurance is that it includes non-medical insurance. You can use this coverage if you experience flight delays or cancellations.

TuGo's Non-Medical Insurance Package also helps when you lose your bags. It can help cover the cost of replacing things you lose when you're travelling.

If you need to exclude a medical condition from your travel insurance, speak with TuGo. They can help you choose enough coverage for your needs.

TuGo’s All Inclusive Holiday Package

If you're 59 or younger, you can consider the All Inclusive Holiday Package from TuGo insurance. It covers the following:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Baggage
  • Emergency medical
  • Accidental death and disbursement

Whether you're travelling within Canada or abroad, TuGo's All Inclusive Holiday Package can give you peace of mind. Then, if something happens to you or your belongings, you won't have to worry about the costs.

Comprehensive Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance from TuGo

You can make the best travel plans, but you won't have full control. Fortunately, TuGo travel insurance can protect you when things don't go according to plan.

Their trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage can help in a few instances. If you experience a natural disaster or a similar event that affects your home or business, you can take advantage of your insurance.

The policy also covers you, anyone travelling with you, and your relatives. If any of you get sick, have an injury, or pass away, the insurance will cover you all.

TuGo's insurance also covers you if you need to cancel your trip due to a travel advisory. You can even get coverage for other unforeseen events that affect your travels.

TuGo Travel Insurance for Canadian Seniors

You can also get coverage from TuGo travel insurance for seniors. It's the best insurance for seniors who need medical and non-medical coverage.

The company can also cover you in case of cancellations or interruptions. And you can even get protection for accidental death and disbursement.

If you want more protection, you can add insurance for your baggage, travel activities, and rental cars.

For Canadians Snowbirds, TuGo insurance can also protect you. You can use the coverage throughout the world, so you don't have to deal with harsh Canadian winters.

TuGo’s Covid Travel Insurance

As the Covid pandemic continues, you may feel like you can't travel. However, TuGo travel insurance for Covid is an excellent option.

You can add this coverage to your policy, and it can cover different things, such as:

  • Testing positive for Covid while travelling
  • Trip interruption in case of changes within the Canadian travel advisory

The insurance coverage will also take care of quarantine and medical expenses. You can get coverage for up to $500,000.

While Covid-19 coverage isn't part of a standard travel insurance plan, it can help. You can receive coverage while travelling in Canada and abroad, and it can help if you get sick or if Canada tightens travel restrictions.

TuGo Medical Emergency Insurance

Even if you don't test positive for Covid, you could still get sick on your trip. TuGo travel insurance also covers other medical emergencies.

Your policy can cover emergency dental work, hospital stays, hearing aids, and vision care. It will also cover you in case of an unexpected birth or if you need care for an acute illness or injury.

You can even take advantage of TuGo's Telemedicine service. If you can't get to a doctor, you can still receive basic care with an internet connection.

Benefits of TuGo Insurance

When selecting travel insurance, you should consider how an insurance company can benefit you. Aside from covering everything you need, you should make sure the company is easy to work with.

Consider a couple of benefits you get when you use TuGo travel insurance.


Whether you're taking a small trip across the province or a longer trip abroad, you should think about your budget. Luckily, TuGo travel insurance offers affordable policies.

TuGo has many plans available for students through seniors. Because of this, they offer coverage at different prices.

While you can't get extensive coverage on a small budget, you can get the basics. That way, you can travel without worry about replacing luggage or paying for another plane ticket.

Easy to Manage

Another benefit of TuGo travel insurance is that they make it easy to manage your policy. Once you get coverage, you can log into your account on their website.

Then, you can view your policy or buy more coverage. If you need to make a claim, you can also do that online.


TuGo insurance is a smaller company, so they can provide more personalized services to their customers. They also work with charities to help the community and the environment.

If you want to support these efforts while getting good travel insurance, consider TuGo. They can help you travel safely, and they help your local community, too.

Considering TuGo Insurance Reviews

Whether you want to travel to another part of Canada or the world, you should have travel insurance. You can consider a few TuGo insurance reviews to help decide on the best TuGo travel insurance policy for you.

Then you can feel good about travelling, even in the age of Covid. And if something goes wrong, you won't have to face the issue alone.

Do you want to learn more about travel insurance? Visit Insurdinary to compare quotes.

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