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What Is the Minimum Wage in Ontario?

The minimum wage in Ontario is going to increase on October 1, giving thousands of workers a slight paycheque bump […]

The New Canada’s Food Guide: A Head Start to A Healthy You

Are your eating habits up to date? In January 2019, Health Canada unveiled Canada's New Food Guide, a radical departure […]

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Yukon

Despite its vast expanse, Canada's Yukon has a mere 43,025 inhabitants. This figure is on the up, as many people […]

Healthy Food (and How It Helps to Prevent Diseases)

Every year in Canada, more than 3 million people are hospitalized with acute medical issues. Many more visit their general practitioners […]

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador are some of the nicest areas in the country - both in terms of the people and […]

Top 5 Best Places to Live in Prince Edward Island

Each of Canada's provinces is home to beautiful towns to discover and Prince Edward Island is no different. From Charlottetown to Souris, the […]

Top 5 Best Places to Live in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has been growing steadily since the 1850s and it's expected to continue as more people see the charms […]

Have You Heard of Turo Yet?

There's no denying that Airbnb forever transformed how we travel and think about hotel stays. It's no longer the utilitarian […]

Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Is your teen lazing around at home during the summer? Sure, summer is a valuable time off from school and […]

Understanding the Canadian Diabetes Guidelines

Did you know that less than half of all Canadians are able to identify half or fewer of the diabetes […]

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