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The Importance of Travel Vaccinations

After months of on and off lockdown you're probably excited for the world to be slowly opening up again! As […]

Why the Costco and Capital One Partnership Failed

In 2014, Capital One bank announced that its Canadian branch had formed a partnership with Costco Wholesale. The bank effectively […]

The Advil and Alcohol Cocktail

Advil and Alcohol | Why the Two Are Not a Good Combo Thanks to our collective pandemic stress, we are drinking more […]

Stunt Driving in Ontario - Up 200% During COVID-19

Traffic volumes have plummeted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While one might expect that this would cause accidents […]

Eligibility for Medicinal Marijuana in Canada

Since legalization in 2018, Canadians have bought more than $1 billion of cannabis. Despite that, there’s still a program for […]

See How Citizens Fare with the Life Expectancy Calculator for Canada

Currently, Canada's population is more than 37.4 million people, ranging in ages from 2-85. With numbers like that, it will […]

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