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What Is The Average Height for Men in Canada?

Can you picture a human male as tall as eight feet, 11.1 inches? It seems like a stretch. No pun […]

Tim Hortons - Canada’s National Treasure

I'll have a large double-double, a box of assorted Timbits, three dutchies, and an iced capp, please. Sorry, one more […]

What Is The Average Height for Women in Canada?

Did you know that the average height for women in Canada is 161 cm? Anything above 5'8 in Canada is […]

Metis: Understanding Canada’s Indigenous History

The Metis matter. In the 2016 census, nearly 600,000 Canadians identified themselves as Metis. More and more people are feeling […]

Average IQ: Canada vs the World (and How They Measure Up?)

IQ gets discussed a lot, but what does it mean? What is the average IQ? And how do you measure […]

The Indigenous People of Canada: Your In-Depth Read

Canada is facing a reckoning. Nearly 1.7 million Canadians identify as Indigenous. They can trace their family roots back thousands […]

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