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What is
Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is a type of insurance that covers a portion or all of the costs associated with making repairs on your condo or paying to replace damaged belongings. While most buildings have a shared insurance policy, this may not cover your individual unit or personal property.

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How does condo insurance work?

When you get condo insurance, you are essentially paying a monthly fee to maintain coverage. If your condo is damaged, then your insurance provider will pay for all or a portion of the repair costs. Having condo insurance could also protect you from personal liability.

Is condo insurance required in Canada?

Condo insurance is not required in Canada but getting a private policy is highly recommended. Having condo insurance can make up for the holes in your building’s shared insurance policy. Also, having a plan could save you hundreds of dollars on repair costs.

Is condo insurance worth it?

As with any type of insurance, condo insurance prepares you for the worst case scenario. You may not see the point in paying for insurance until you need it. If and when you do need coverage, you will sure be glad you have it.

By having condo insurance from the beginning, you can rest easy knowing that if anything were to happen to your condo, you wouldn’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket. This could mean saving thousands of dollars on damages!

You decide. Compare the costs of condo insurance online to see how much money you can save.

Looking for Condo Insurance for Your Home in Canada?

If you have a cozy condo in Canada, you want to be sure that you and your belongings are protected if anything were to happen to your home. While keeping a lock on your door and remembering to turn off the faucets may save you from theft or flooding in some cases, you may not be ready for the unexpected.

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Getting condo insurance for your unit is a smart choice when it comes to saving money and protecting your home.

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How to Find Affordable
Condo Insurance Online?

Looking for affordable condo insurance?
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Here are some tips to help you save on your condo insurance.

Shop Around and Compare Quotes

Don’t sign the first insurance policy you receive. Compare plans and rates from Canada’s top insurance providers to find the best coverage for you and your home.

Ask for Discounts

When you find the policy and provider you want, be sure to ask your provider if any discounts are available. The provider might be running some periodic discounts you might not be aware of.

Bundle Your Coverage

You can often bundle your condo insurance and auto insurance together to get a lower rate for both.

Improve Your Credit Score

Pay your bills on time to up your credit score and become eligible for lower monthly premiums.

Up Your Unit’s Security

Look into installing a security system in your condo and confirm with your provider if this makes you eligible for a discount.

Consider Renovations

Upgrading your unit with expensive appliances could equal higher rates on your insurance policy. Consider this before making any major renovations.

Types of Condo Insurance

There’s a condo insurance policy for everyone. Check out the different types of condo insurances available, and find the right one for you.

Personal Condo Insurance

This insurance coverage protects the financial interests of condo owners or renters. This type of policy covers the upgrades or improvements that have been made to your condo, as well as your personal belongings inside the condo.

Upgrades or improvements include wall coverings, hardwood floors, crown moulding or new countertops you or a previous owner might have added. Your personal belongings include furniture, jewellery, electronics, clothing, household goods, etc.

Commercial Condo Insurance

This type of insurance coverage protects the building itself, as well as the common areas inside and outside of the building. This protection applies for areas that no condo owner could be responsible for, such as shared hallways, elevators, roof, staircase, windows, etc.

The commercial condo insurance protects residents from public dangers such as falling glass, crumbling masonry, and more.

What Condo Insurance Covers

Every condo insurance policy differs based on your specific needs and budget. That being said, condo insurance typically covers a wide range of things.
Some of these areas include:
Sewer Backup or Pipe Bursts
Overland Water/Flooding
Personal Property
Personal Liability
Unit Improvements
Injury on Premises
Identify Theft
Loss of Unit
And more...
Want other types of coverage under your condo insurance policy? Get quotes from multiple providers and compare their insurance plans online to find the right one.
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Condo Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not sure if you need condo insurance? Have more questions about coverage? Learn more by checking out our FAQ section below.

Is Your Condo Protected from Theft or Damages?

No one is ever completely prepared for an unexpected emergency. But when it comes to your home, it’s important to have a plan in place to protect your family, your belongings, and your property.

Pipes burst, natural disasters occur, condos get broken into, and wear and tear can take its toll on your condo. Without Canadian condo insurance, the costs associated with fixing up your condo fall squarely on your shoulders.

Protect your home and save loads of money on repairs by getting a condo insurance policy today.

Is condo insurance worth it?

For just a low monthly premium, you can maintain coverage over your condo. If a natural disaster occurs, a pipe bursts, your condo is broken into, or some other damage takes place, your provider will then cover a portion of the repair costs. This could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars compared to paying out of pocket.

What does condo insurance cover?

Every condo insurance policy is different. That being said, most condo insurance policies cover things like sewer backups, flooding, fires, property damage, injury on premises, and the like. Before you sign up for a policy, ask the provider what’s covered under your unique policy.

How do I get my condo insured?

To get your condo insured, first enter your information on Then, you will receive quotes from Canada’s top condo insurance providers. Last, compare plans and rates to choose the best plan for you.

Where can I get quotes for condo insurance?

Insurdinary connects condo owners and renters with the top insurance providers in Canada. Sign up for quotes on our website and receive plans and prices straight in your inbox. It’s that simple.

How do I save money on condo insurance?

The best way to save money on condo insurance is to shop around. Compare plans side by side to choose the most comprehensive yet affordable coverage for your needs.

Is the average condo insurance cost higher if I live in Toronto or Vancouver?

Where you live can play a role in the cost of your condo insurance. Each provider will take into consideration things like the cost of your building, renovations made, number of past claims, and the value of your belongings in order to generate a quote.

Canadian Condo Insurance – Do You Need It?

As a condo owner or renter, you may expect that your building’s insurance policy covers your unit if unexpected damages occur. In reality, most building insurance plans only cover the common areas – not our personal unit or belongings. That means if the building were to flood, the lobby and gym may be covered but your own condo may not be.

That’s why many condo owners opt for an additional type of insurance called condo insurance. Not only will this cover your unit if it’s damaged, but it may also protect you from personal liability and the high costs of having to pay for repairs.

Getting private condo insurance may be the smartest choice you ever make when it comes to protecting your home and saving money.

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