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A thorough review of Canada’s Provincial Health Care Plans, full of informative tidbits, important updates and links to insightful articles and external government websites.
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Provincial Health Care Guides - Overview

In Canada, public health insurance is available to eligible residents. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can apply for provincial health insurance.

Canada’s Health Care System ranked as one of the best in the world. Based in recent study that Canada has scored well in a global study to assess how effectively countries use their healthcare systems to avoid preventable deaths, but the country still has plenty of room for improvement. For many Canadians, our universal health care system is a source of national pride.

Although the Canadian government provides health insurance coverage to all of its residents, the provincial health plans cover only a handful of services. And the government usually reduces the number of services that are covered each year. If you need treatment that isn’t covered by your provincial health plan, you’re responsible for paying the bill out of your own pocket.
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Provincial Health Care Guide

Follow the link from your province, learn what health services and benefits are covered and not covered of the plan and finally review critical information about your specific provincial health plan.
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Ontario Health Plan - OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan commonly known as OHIP, is the government-run health insurance plan for the Canadian province of Ontario. OHIP is funded by a payroll deduction tax by residents who are gainfully employed, by businesses in the Province of Ontario, and by transfer payments from the Government of Canada.

Covered Topics: Ontario Health Plan overview, OHIP coverage and benefits, services not covered by OHIP, Northern Health Travel Grant and Ontario prescription drugs benefits.

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Alberta Health Plan - AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan)

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan or simply (AHCIP) is the official health care plan of the province of Alberta that provides eligible residents with full coverage for medically necessary physician services, and some dental and oral surgical health services. You must be registered with the AHCIP to receive insured hospital and physician services.

Covered Topics: Alberta Health Plan overview, AHCIP coverage, services not covered by AHCIP and Alberta Prescription Drugs Programs.

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British Columbia Healthcare logo

British Columbia Health Plan - Health Insurance BC

In British Columbia, public health insurance is called the Medical Services Plan or simply MSP. It covers the cost of medically-necessary insured doctor services.

Health Insurance BC administers MSP on behalf of the Ministry of Health and can answer your questions about medical coverage.

Covered Topics: BC Health Plan overview, Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage and Pharmacare for prescription drugs coverage, services not covered by MSP and MSP Monthly Premiums.

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Manitoba Health Plan

Manitoba Health is an agency of the Government of Manitoba that provides various information about Manitoba’s Health Care Plan or simply ‘Manitoba Health‘ and also Pharmacare for their drug services and benefits program.

All permanent residents of Manitoba who have lived in the province for at least 6 months can take advantage of these benefits.

Covered Topics: Manitoba Health Plan overview, Manitoba Health coverage and Pharmacare for prescription drugs coverage and services not covered by Manitoba Health Plan.

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New Brunswick Healthcare logo

New Brunswick Health Plan - Medicare

The New Brunswick Health Care plans like Medicare (for major medical and hospital services coverage) and New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program (NBPDP) (for prescription drug coverage) are the provincial health benefits for the New Brunswicker. You can take advantage these benefits if you are a permanent resident and have lived in the province for a minimum of six (6) months a year.

Covered Topics: New Brunswick Health Plan overview, Medicare coverage and benefits, services not covered by Medicare and New Brunswick Prescription Drugs Plan (NBPDP).

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Newfoundland & Labrador Healthcare logo

Newfoundland Labrador Health Plan - MCP (Medical Care Plan)

Medical Care Plan (MCP) Coverage – The Newfoundland and Labrador comprehensive plan of medical care insurance designed to cover the cost of physician services for bona fide residents of the province.

Covered Topics: NL Health Plan overview, MCP coverage and benefits, services not covered by MCP and Prescription Drugs Program (NLPDP).

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Northwest Territories Health Plan - NWT Health Care Plan

The NWT Health Care Plan is a health care plan provided by the government of the Northwest Territories to all NWT residents that are eligible for health care coverage.

Covered Topics: NWT Health Plan overview, NWT Health Care coverage and services that are not covered by the program.

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Nova Scotia Health Plan - MSI (Medical Services Insurance) Program

The Medical Services Insurance program (MSI) – It is a provincial health care program of Nova Scotia for their residents to provide assistance for medical expenses. Furthermore, residents can also take advantage of the Hospital Insurance Program for hospital related expenses.

Covered Topics: Nova Scotia Health Plan overview, MSI Program coverage and benefits, services not covered by MSI Program and Nova Scotia Prescription Drugs Programs.

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Prince Edward Island Health Plan - Health PEI

Health PEI is the official health authority for Prince Edward Island, one of the provinces of Canada. It provides medical care on behalf of the Government of PEI’s Department of Health and Wellness and is governed by a board of directors appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellness.

Residents of Prince Edward Island can enjoy this provincial healthcare plan benefits which provides coverage for basic medical and hospital treatments.

Covered Topics: PEI Health Plan overview, Health PEI coverage and benefits, services not covered by Health PEI program and PEI Prescription Drugs Programs.

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Saskatchewan Health Plan

Saskatchewan Health is the official provincial health care provider of the province that is available for all permanent Saskatchewan residents.

The Saskatchewan health care coverage covers most medically necessary services (such as hospitalization and physician) provided in a publicly funded facility in Canada.

Covered Topics: Saskatchewan Health Plan overview, Saskatchewan Health Care Plan coverage, services not covered by provincial health program and Saskatchewan Prescription Drugs Programs.

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Yukon Health Plan - YHCIP (Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan)

The Yukon Health Care Insurance plan or simply YHCIP is the official health care plan for Yukon residents that provides coverage for medically required hospital and medical services, and certain dental-surgical procedures.

Yukon Health Care Insurance coverage normally becomes effective three months after the date you establish residency in Yukon. Every permanent Yukon resident can enjoy and take advantage of these provincial health benefits.

Covered Topics: Yukon Health Plan overview, YHCIP coverage and benefits and the services not covered by YHCIP.

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Quebec Health Plan - RAMQ (Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec)

Health insurance in the province of Quebec is administered by RAMQ. Those who are eligible for the Quebec health insurance plan receive a wide range of medical services at no upfront cost to the receiver. RAMQ is funded by payroll deductions to residents of Quebec who are employed in the province. Those who are not eligible for RAMQ, can still access the services, however they must be paid for in full.

Covered topics: Registration, renewal and replacement processes, eligibility requirements, summary of coverage including coverage while travelling, and drug benefits.

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Nunavut Health Plan

Health insurance in the territory of Nunavut is administered by the Nunavut Department of Health. Through payroll deductions, Nunavummiut are able to receive healthcare at no upfront cost. Residents can receive a range of healthcare services at all local hospitals, community health centers, health insurance programs and nursing stations.

Covered topics: Registration, renewal and replacement processes, eligibility requirements, summary of coverage including coverage while travelling, and drug benefits.

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