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Offset High Prescription Drug Costs with The Trillium Drug Program

If you live in Ontario and need regular prescription medications, the costs of these drugs can all start to add […]

Traveling Outside Canada? Did You Know That OHIP No Longer Provides You With Coverage?

Being an Ontarian is a blessing in so many ways, but one main reason has to be OHIP, i.e., the Ontario […]

What Exactly Are the Services Covered by OHIP?

Ontario spends more than $53 billion on its healthcare system every year. People living in Ontario fund the Ontario Health […]

Compare Health Insurance Alberta Can Offer You

Many people consider the possibility of contracting medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family. One that […]

Understanding Canada's Healthcare System: A Guide to Using Government Resources

Canada’s healthcare system is a source of national pride for many, but it isn’t always clear how it works. The […]

OHIP Coverage for Seniors: What Does Public Insurance Cover from OHIP?

If you are an Ontarian on the brink of retirement and the loss of your private, employer-based health insurance, you […]

Auto Insurance in Ontario: The Complete Driver's Guide (2019)

Auto insurance is a legal requirement throughout Canada, but auto insurance in Ontario pays the highest average rate in the […]

Car Insurance in Alberta: Your Complete Insurance Buying Guide (2019)

In Alberta driving without valid car insurance can cost you a fine of between $2500 and $10000. You also get […]

Canada Free Healthcare: Health Benefits for Manitoba Public Health Insurance

Are you a resident of Manitoba or about to move to Manitoba? Like all Canadian permanent residents and citizens, you […]

A Guide to Finding the Best Health Insurance Quotes in Ontario

Ontario will spend about $65 billion on healthcare next year. The government has also promised to trim around $1 billion […]

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