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Homeowners Insurance for First-Time Homebuyers

Home insurance is a type of insurance that covers the risks of damage or loss to your home and its […]

Mortgage Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance: Do You Know the Difference?

Mortgage insurance vs homeowners insurance. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right? They’re both complicated investment terms that are pretty much the same thing. […]

The Ultimate Renters and Landlords Resource

In the past, John Locke's ideal of "life, liberty, and property" meant that everyone should have the right to own […]

Superhero Insurance

There's no doubt that superheroes are extremely popular in today's society. Avenger's Endgame boasts Canada's biggest opening weekend ever, grossing […]

Why You Should Give Insurance Bundling a Chance

Did you know that Canada is home to over 192 private property/casual (P/C) insurance companies? They provide insurance coverage for […]

Homeowners Insurance: Is Water Damage Covered?

Canadians spend nearly $2 billion on water damage in one year alone. Everything from flooding to pipe bursts drives water damage […]

Home Insurance Claim vs Do-It-Yourself

In Canada, insurance claims, including homeowner’s claims, have risen over the past decade. In some cases, homeowners opt to file […]

A Guide on the Manulife Mortgage Protection Plan

Did you know that, according to Canadian Mortgage Trends, the number of homeowners in Canada who had mortgages in 2020 […]

Shop Smart: What to Look for in Homeowners Insurance

Everyone who owns a home needs homeowners insurance. That much is easy to comprehend. But the trickier part for more […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Require Tenant Rental Insurance

Although nearly 100% of homeowners have home insurance coverage, less than 40% of renters are covered by rental insurance. Although […]

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