Group Benefits Articles

My Business Is Struggling. Is Group Health Insurance for My Employees Worth It?

Contributing Author - Brennan Doherty Keeping employees happy isn’t easy at the moment. Between the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing danger, public […]

A Complete Guide on Group Benefits and Why You Should Be Offering Them

A recent study ranked workspace stress as the chief cause of mental health concerns in Canada. The study also found […]

Benefits of Group Insurance

"Man is a social animal... group-oriented to ensure... connection and belonging" explains Dr. Klein in an article published on People […]

How to Get Health Insurance for Your Small Business in Ontario

As a third of Ontario's workers lack medical benefits, one of the best ways to attract the best talent is […]

7 Unbelievable Employee Benefits from Green Shield Health Insurance

The right employee insurance benefits attract and keep top employees. Providing mediocre health insurance plans could cause your best employees to go elsewhere. Medical […]

Is Your Employer's Group Life Insurance Enough?

Group life insurance usually has several benefits like easy acceptance and low prices. But is it really enough for you? […]

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