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How Insurdinary Rakes in Great Reviews

If you've been a fan of Insurdinary long enough to read a few of our blog posts, you're probably asking […]

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Which Health Insurance Companies Are the Best? Here's How to Decide

Back in 2017, experts estimated that Canadians will spend $242 billion on health care. That means you spent about $6,604 […]

Family Sponsorship in Canada: Step-by-Step Guide

Immigration is essential to Canada's culture and economy. For years, Canada has prioritized welcoming immigrants into the country, particularly those […]

How to Apply for Canada Visitor or Tourist Visa?

Last year, 21 million tourists visited Canada. That’s a record-breaking amount of people from other countries entering various different entry […]

Health Insurance for International Students in Canada: Is It Free?

Are you an international student planning on studying in Canada? Need to know how health insurance for students in Canada […]

How to Find Budget Car Insurance

Who doesn't want to save more money each month? One of the easiest ways to cut down on your monthly […]

How to Find a Family Doctor in Canada: Guide for Each Province

Getting health care for chronic conditions or routine checkups in Canada should be as easy as scheduling an appointment with […]

7 Tips for Getting the Best Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Tourism to Canada has risen steadily since the 1940s and the country now enjoys roughly 20 million visitors each year. […]

What Is the Best Health Insurance Plan in Canada: A Step-By-Step Comparison

Premiums, copays, and health networks - oh my! Are you drowning in the land of health insurance plans? The average […]

5 Reasons You Must Have Travel Insurance Before WWOOFing This Summer

Nearly 50 percent of all Canadians spend time volunteering at least once a year. But many more likely would if […]

Express Entry Process in Canada - How It Works

So, you want to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident?  More than 110,000 people immigrate to Canada annually via […]

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