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Canada's Private Health Insurance: Is it Worth It?

Canadians must pay 30% of healthcare costs directly from their own pockets. This means that the state only pays for […]

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Medical Payments 101: What Medical Expenses are Covered By Auto Insurance?

About 16% of drivers aren’t insured at any one given time. This means they have to meet their own medical […]

Understanding Canada's Healthcare System: A Guide to Using Government Resources

Canada’s healthcare system is a source of national pride for many, but it isn’t always clear how it works. The […]

Comparing Mortgage Protection Services: What Is PMI vs. MIP?

The general wisdom in real estate says that you should save 20% of your down-payment before taking up a mortgage. […]

9 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise

Anything can happen when you plan a trip to the Bahamas or any other exotic place on a cruise. You […]

Who Does Mortgage Insurance Protect?

The general rule is that you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the purchase price of a house to qualify […]

Home Insurance Premiums: What Factors Play a Role in the Rates?

The average cost of home insurance in Canada is about $850, though the actual cost that you will pay depends […]

Getting the Right Help: The Top Tips for Choosing an Auto Insurance Agent

Did you know that in 2017, there were over 34.32 million registered vehicles in Canada? Of that number, more than […]

How to Take Advantage of the Insurance Grace Period

The average burial expense in 2019 can cost up to $9,000 and sometimes more depending on where you live. Burial […]

Big-Time Saver: Financially Savvy Tips to Get the Best Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Transportation costs can run a middle-class family up to 20% of their net income. Is your car insurance raising your […]

What Health Insurance Should I Get?: How to Compare Medical Plans

Private health insurance plans are not all created equal in Canada.  While having private insurance is a great idea if […]

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