Taxes Articles

Understanding Home Equity Tax in Canada

Did you know that, according to Statistics Canada, there were 268,660 multiple-property owners in British Columbia in 2018? This same […]

Tax Advice: How Long Should I Keep My Income Tax Records?

Have you ever wondered what records you need to keep for your taxes and how long you should keep them […]

What Homeowners of Canada Need to Know as A First Time Buyer

Did you know that, according to Toronto Storeys, Canada has one of the highest rates of homeownership in the world? […]

Everything You Need To Know About CRA Assessments

Have you recently filed taxes in Canada? Did you receive a notice of assessment or NOA? Are you lost when […]

How Long Does It Take to Get a Disability Tax Credit?

Do you have a disability? How about someone in your family? If so, you know that disabilities can make all […]

Medical Conditions That Qualify for Disability Tax Credit

The inability to work can cause considerable financial troubles. You might live in Canada and find yourself managing a significant […]

Do Full-Time Students Pay Income Tax?

Did you just enter college or university in Canada? Are you excited to embark on a new educational journey? While […]

Is There Such Thing As Estate and Inheritance Tax in Canada?

Did you receive inheritance and are wondering about declaring inheritance on a tax return? Or are you planning for the […]

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