Travel Articles

Let Hertz Canada Car Rental Be The Right Choice For Your Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? There are so many options when choosing where you'll go and how you'll get […]

Where are the Best Places to Retire in Canada?

You've been dreaming about retirement for years. You picture yourself living somewhere beautiful, spending your days however you please, and […]

Exotic but Kid-Friendly: 7 Top Spots for Family Vacations

Did you know: as much as 67% of the Canadian population holds a valid passport? There's a good reason why […]

What Is Open Right Now? Top 5 Vacation Spots Open to Canadians Right Now

2020 proved far from a picnic, especially for travelers. Many of us had to cancel vacation plans as the coronavirus continued to […]

How Long Can You Visit the US From Canada? Our 2021 Guide to Visiting America

Out of all the countries in the world, the United States of America makes the most money from tourism by […]

11 Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada in the Wintertime

Are you looking to spend part of your winter in a true winter wonderland? Heading to Canada during the wintertime is […]

What Not To Post on Social Media While Traveling

Are you planning your next solo, friends, or family vacation? As restrictions begin to lift and we're more able to […]

Travelling with Cannabis In Canada

Ever since the Cannabis Act was passed in Canada, more people have been using the substance than ever before. Unfortunately, the […]

The Complete Guide for Canadians Living Abroad

Did you know that, as of 2016, the number of Canadians in the US was around 783,000, according to an article […]

Don’t Drive Alone - Drive with Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Forget black ice or bounding wildlife. When it comes to driving, what Canadians are really afraid of is - drum […]

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