7 Unbelievable Employee Benefits from Green Shield Health Insurance

Posted on November 16, 2018

The right employee insurance benefits attract and keep top employees. Providing mediocre health insurance plans could cause your best employees to go elsewhere.

Medical and dental care is expensive. Unexpected medical conditions and emergencies have the potential to cost a fortune.

Current and prospective employees want peace of mind. When things go wrong, they want to be able to count on their insurance.

You care about your employees and try to express it often. But if you don't provide them with a robust health care plan, they might not get that impression.

Green Shield Health Insurance of Canada has always been an industry leader. The coverage options and customer service they provide have been stellar since 1957. CNBC says they create customized coverage solutions for 2.5 million Canadian residents.

GSC is the only non-profit health insurance provider in Canada. The means that their rates are more affordable than most for-profit providers.

Read on to learn how Green Shield Health Insurance provides top employee benefits.

The Basics of Employee Benefits

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right insurance plan. These include:

  • Networks
  • Co-pays
  • Reimbursements
  • Risk factors
  • Deductibles
  • Max limits
  • Monthly premiums
  • Potential tax deductions

GSC Insurance provides plenty of supplemental health benefits to ensure Canadians have coverage. They offer about a dozen different packages.

Here are some of the top employee insurance benefits for Green Shield Canada.

1. Vision

A lot of people need vision coverage in the form of glasses and contact lenses. This trend is sure to increase due to the rising number and use of smartphones and computers. CBS News found that 93 percent of those surveyed spent at least two hours in front of various screens.

Employees get coverage for routine eye exams. They can also enjoy discount pricing on glasses or contacts. Their networks with LASIK, The Bay Optical, and Hakim Optical can help cut costs.

GSC also provides discounts on most eyeglasses and contact lenses. They offer this through their partners at Contacts Express Canada.

2. Dental

Dental care can be very expensive, and not all insurance providers cover it. Most plans pay for annual cleanings, X-rays, and other preventative measures.

Within your provider, you also get at least partial coverage for many other services. These services include crowns, surgery, dentures, cavities, braces, root canals, and more.

Don't let your employees worry about their dental insurance coverage. Stress and mouth pain is a bad combination for your team members.

3. Specialists

There are a wide variety of specialists available under GSC coverage including:

  • Psychologists
  • Dermatologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Neurologists
  • Gynecologists

Health coaching is another valuable service that GSC Insurance offers plan members. These services can help your employees feel better and function with more productivity. Healthier employees mean healthier workplaces.

Addiction specialists and rehabilitation programs are other covered specialty services. You want your employees to get the help they need to be happier, safer and more productive team members.

Green Shield Canada plan members even get access to discounted hearing aids. These discounts are through Starkey Hearing Technologies.

4. Diagnostics

Diagnostics are tests administered by medical professionals and can successfully certain conditions. Employees with certain risk factors have coverage for this service.

An example of a diagnostic test would be a woman getting a mammogram if she's over 40 years old. Another example would be a 50-year-old man getting a colonoscopy.

You might need diagnostic testing because of certain factors. These variables include age, risk factors, symptoms, and medical history.

Employees who need regular checkups for certain conditions can actually get tested. They don't have to take unnecessary risks because the tests are too expensive.

5. Prescription Drugs

A significant percentage of the Canadian population takes prescription medication. It can be a large recurring expense for a lot of employees.

Your employees need prescription medications for a variety of reasons. Workers may not be able to do their jobs without it.

The last thing you want is for your staff to skip their medication because of the expense. It could be dangerous to them and others within the company. In extreme, cases it could also force them to buy illegal drugs or self-medicate in unsafe manners.

GSC Insurance offers a prescription plan covering generic or brand name drugs. There may be co-pays required depending on your plan and the prescription drug.

6. Emergency Medical Treatment

Emergencies are never planned, and they can happen to anyone at any time. A medical emergency without good health insurance can be a recipe for disaster. It may cause a family to lose everything and even declare bankruptcy.

An employee facing emergency medical treatment could be detrimental to your company. It would be even more damaging if they lost their savings and had to move away or find another job.

GSC Insurance provides coverage during emergency medical treatment. This includes ambulance transportation and emergency room visits.

Employees going through emergency treatment experience enough stress. They should not have to worry about finances on top of everything else.

7. Customer Service and Resources

Green Shield Canada has been in business for over 60 years. They have the experience and know-how to serve plan members at the highest level.

GSC provides both Web Plan Member Online Services and a mobile app. It offers free information, consultation, and legal advice for its members.

Their Change4Life portal provides free online health management to help members live healthier. It features a wide array of resources and tools to help maximize health plans.

Change4Life also provides a personalized health action plan. This includes medication reminders and a points-based reward system for portal use.

They also offer an experienced team of customer service agents. Customer service is a top priority for GSC insurance.

Bolster Your Benefits

Green Shield Canada has a plethora of group insurance plans for your staff. Even older employees looking to retire soon can also rest easy. The company offers bridge coverage for those heading into retirement.

Employee benefits are a major part of attracting and retaining talent. Read more articles about health insurance coverage from Green Shield Canada!

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