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A good insurance company will have clear, efficient means of communication. The best companies will cover your needs but also […]

How to Know If Your Dental Procedure is Covered by Green Shield

So, you're planning (or needing) to have a dental procedure? That's no fun. And worst of all, someone's got to […]

Submitting Green Shield Claims

When a serious illness hits or a devastating injury, the last thing you want to figure out is how to […]

What Does a Green Shield Health Insurance Plan Cover?

Are you dealing with chronic pain? Are you thinking about getting a Green Shield health insurance plan to help cover […]

Green Shield Insurance: What are the Benefits of GSC Health Plans?

Looking for affordable health insurance in Canada? Then Green Shield Canada might be just the insurance company you need. With […]

7 Unbelievable Employee Benefits from Green Shield Health Insurance

The right employee insurance benefits attract and keep top employees. Providing mediocre health insurance plans could cause your best employees to go elsewhere. Medical […]

Green Shield Benefits: Extended Healthcare Benefits Explained

Did you know that the average Canadian spends more than $350 on prescription medications each year? The public health care […]

The Canadian Guide to Green Shield Travel Coverage

Every year, thousands of travelers get into accidents while they're traveling abroad. They get into ski accidents, get bit by […]

The Canadian's Guide to Green Shield Health Insurance Zone 2

Health care costs for most Canadians have risen by 70% in the last twenty years. This is because the Medicare […]

The Canadian Guide to Green Shield Dental Insurance

Every year, Canadians spend approximately $12 billion on dental services. 62% of Canadians have private dental insurance to help cover […]

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