What Does a Green Shield Health Insurance Plan Cover?

Posted on November 19, 2018

Are you dealing with chronic pain? Are you thinking about getting a Green Shield health insurance plan to help cover your ongoing condition? There are more than 6 million Canadians who suffer from back pain, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis, and they're looking for better insurance.

Green Shield health insurance offers a wide range of coverage options for their customers. In this article, we'll take you through some of the major benefits that GSC insurance offers and help you get started changing your coverage.

Comprehensive Health Coaching

There is a brand-new approach to health care that involves treating the patient holistically. Basically, that means that doctors look at diet and exercise routines as well as the underlying causes of disease.

If you're suffering from chronic pain, you might be surprised to find that changing your diet can help. In general, quitting smoking is good no matter what your condition. Green Shield insurance offers health coaching to its members, which could be a game-changer.

It does depend on the coverage you select, but you could be covered for Green Shield's heart health coaching services. That's a value of more than $100 per year, and you will work in conjunction with your local pharmacist.

In order to qualify, you have to be under 65 years old. You also need to be taking two medications: one for heart health and one for cholesterol. You'll be able to set goals for exercising and quitting smoking, and you'll have the full support of the online Green Shield staff.

Green Shield plans can either completely cover or reduce your co-pays for medical visits. If you're retiring, you can sign up for LINK coverage, which is geared toward senior citizens. Or, if you have no medical issues, you can get coverage through the ZONE plan.

Pain Management Services

Another benefit of buying Green Shield insurance is their total commitment to pain management. They offer individualized coaching for people with chronic conditions and can help people find the right medications or medical cannabis.

Green Shield Canada has been helping patients get medical care for more than 65 years. They are the only non-profit healthcare organization in Canada and provide individual and group plans.

If you currently have insurance but need to re-vamp your pain management services, you might be interested in Green Shield's Prism. It is a dental and medical plan that offers 100% coverage for preexisting conditions.

Prism has four levels and you can find coverage for prescription medication, eye exams and dental, and medical equipment. Prism plans also cover home nursing services and come with optional travel insurance.

On some plans, you can visit with massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and podiatrists for a per-session rate of $25. Before you commit to a plan, just make sure that you've got the therapeutic coverage you need.

Access to World-Class Customer Service

Are you comfortable making changes to your health care online? Or would you rather talk directly with a live operator? Green Shield insurance wants to make sure that you feel comfortable, so they offer both options.

First, you can search for plan options online. You can enroll online as well, or you can talk to a customer service representative via live chat.

Once you've filled out the Green Shield forms, you can view your enrollment information online. You can start medical claims and view all of your financial information.

You can also update your status to include new plan members, print your billing information, and check your eligibility for medical services.

If you're just getting started with Green Shield, take the time to talk to a live chat adviser. They can make sure that you get the coverage you need at an affordable price. If you take medications, make a list so that you can make sure they're covered by the plan you select.

Advisers for Green Shield are trained to resolve your issue in one phone call. They all have extensive experience with dental and medical issues and receive ongoing training in customer service. They're ready to answer your questions and can get you hooked up with the forms you need for your claims.

Coverage for College Students

If you're an international undergraduate or graduate student studying in Canada, you may be automatically enrolled in a Green Shield plan. Check with your college to determine your enrollment eligibility and coverage.

At the University of Windsor, for example, your tuition will coverage mandatory enrollment in a Green Shield medical plan. Once you're enrolled, your coverage will start on September 1st or January 1st, depending upon when you start classes.

You will also get a health insurance card that you'll need to bring with you to any medical appointments. If you've come to study in Canada with a spouse or children, you can also add them to your Green Shield plan. It's important to keep up on kids' dental health and visit the dentist every six months.

If you already have health insurance coverage, talk to a Green Shield adviser to extend your coverage to Canada. You should be able to find a plan that will cover your doctor's visits, immunizations, and routine health exams.

Getting Started with Green Shield Coverage

If you're looking to change your health care, the first step is to get all of your current medical paperwork in one place. How much did you spend on prescription medication last year? If you're not sure, you can search your bank records online and find the amount.

Next, gather your medications. When you talk to Green Shield customer service, you'll be able to let them know what you're currently taking. There might be cheaper medication options that you weren't aware of.

In general, think about your physical and mental health. Have you been putting off going to the dentist for a while? You might want to opt for a dental plan that includes cleanings, x-rays, and extractions.

We can help you compare different medical and dental plans. Send us an email with any questions, and we'll help you find a health care plan that meets your needs.

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