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Top 5 Health Insurance in Ontario Canada: Get Insured by the Best

Few things are as important as health insurance. In Canada, every citizen has healthcare coverage.  The government funded system however, […]

Is Medical Insurance Tax Deductible in Canada?

Have you had a hard time getting care with Canada's public health plan? Consider getting private insurance. Now, you may […]

16 Benefits of Manulife Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance

Are you considering a Manulife Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance plan? Reduce what you pay out-of-pocket for many routines and […]

Manulife FollowMe Enhanced Plan (vs Basic): What You Need to Know

When you're shopping for new health insurance, things can get a little confusing while understanding the complexities of a plan. […]

The Complete Guide to International Health Insurance for Travellers

So, you're planning to travel abroad and spend some time in a foreign country. You want to enjoy the trip, […]

Switching Health Insurance: Can I Buy at Any Time?

Being without insurance during uncertain times can leave people feeling adrift. When employees face life changes, health insurance and other […]

Your Guide to Getting the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Ontario

Ontario's population has grown a whopping 11.2% in a span of 10 years -- from 2007 to 2017. Today, it's […]

Health Insurance 101: A Guide to Health Insurance Basics for Individuals

If you've grown up in a country without health insurance or one where insurance isn't common, it can be an […]

The Best Private Health Insurance Deals in Canada: Your 2022 Ultimate Guide

Over 24 million people in Canada choose private healthcare insurance. This offers excellent care and coverage that the Medicare system won't […]

Travel Insurance vs International Health Insurance: What's the Difference?

You have been dreaming of this trip or move, for years, and you have painstakingly planned all aspects. You have […]

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