Health Insurance 101 Articles

Is Guaranteed Health Insurance Really a Thing? Yes, It Is - and Here's How You Can Get It

Insurance in Canada is one of the best around the world. If there’s something that countries envy Canada for, it’s […]

Eh-valuation: Comparing the Private Health Insurance Quotes Online in Canada

O Canada! The provincial health system is the envy of the world, especially to our Southern neighbours. Famously, even a […]

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Means You're Covered - No Questions Asked

Canada's healthcare system isn't as "universal" as most people think. The reality is, it doesn't cover all medical costs. And […]

Travel Insurance vs International Health Insurance: What's the Difference?

You have been dreaming of this trip or move, for years, and you have painstakingly planned all aspects. You have […]

Compare Health Insurance Alberta Can Offer You

Many people consider the possibility of contracting medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family. One that […]

Compare and Contrast: Comparing Private Health Insurance in Canada

Almost two-thirds of the Canadian population have health insurance outside of Medicare. Many of these private plans are employer-issued, while […]

How Much Is Your Health Worth? Comparing Health Quotes for Canadian Plans

In 2018, the estimated spending on healthcare in Canada was a staggering $253.5 billion. That's over $6,800 per person and […]

Medical Payments 101: What Medical Expenses are Covered By Auto Insurance?

About 16% of drivers aren’t insured at any one given time. This means they have to meet their own medical […]

Understanding Canada's Healthcare System: A Guide to Using Government Resources

Canada’s healthcare system is a source of national pride for many, but it isn’t always clear how it works. The […]

What Health Insurance Should I Get?: How to Compare Medical Plans

Private health insurance plans are not all created equal in Canada.  While having private insurance is a great idea if […]

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