Get Insured by the Best! Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Canada

Posted on December 17, 2018

Few things are as important as health insurance. From bumps and bruises to more serious mishaps, that insurance is what you'll use to help cover the costs.

Not all insurance plans are created equal, though. Some offer much more coverage, and some are more expensive than others. So how do you know which is best?

To find the best insurance plans, look for the best insurance companies. To help you make the right health care decision, we've already done some of the research for you.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 health insurance companies you should learn more about.

1. Manulife

Manulife offers multiple types of insurance. You can get both health and dental insurance through them.

Whether you want one or the other, Manulife is focused on the flexibility you need to tailor an insurance plan to meet your needs.

Aside from basic health and dental insurance, Manulife offers some more specific options. These include disability insurance and critical illness insurance.

If you want all of these insurances, you can have them. It's up to you. And, you'll get the convenience of having all this insurance coverage through the same provider.

When it comes to regular health and dental plans, Manulife offers two options. These are called Flexcare and FollowMe health and dental insurance.

Flexcare insurance stays with you wherever you go, even if you change jobs. FollowMe reimburses you and helps covers expenses that may not be covered under provincial plans.

Do you have three or more children? If so, Manulife has special rates for you, no matter which health and dental plan you choose.

2. Blue Cross Canada

Blue Cross insurance is unique in that it offers insurance coverage in multiple countries. They offer a great variety of plans, too, so there's sure to be one that meets your needs.

Your provincial health plan already covers some basic needs. Blue Cross insurance is designed to provide coverage beyond that.

Blue Cross doesn't limit itself to just health care. They also offer coverage for dental work, prescription drugs, vision, and hospital care.

If you have a unique work situation, this may be a good option for you. Blue Cross specializes in making sure their plans help those who need them.

Whether you're employed with a large company, or you hired yourself, they have a health insurance plan for you.

When researching their insurance plans, make sure you use your location. They offer different plans for different regions.

3. Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial offers health and dental coverage, but you can't get dental coverage on its own. You'll have to take the health insurance coverage too, but the package deal can be nice.

The health insurance offered by Sun Life is comparable to others on this list. It's laid out in easy-to-understand terms on their website, which is helpful, especially if you tend to get confused when it comes to insurance.

You have two health insurance options to choose from with Sun Life. They call these Personal Health Insurance and Health Coverage Choice. Their website offers great guidance to help you choose which option is right for you.

4. GreatWest Life

If you like options, GreatWest Life is a good one. They offer several plans to choose from. Though the name is somewhat deceiving, this company does offer more than life insurance.

What you'd be looking for here is health and dental insurance. These plans are designed for people who don't have group benefits or are losing health coverage for some reason.

What do these plans cover? They're available for both you and your family. Those insured receive help with prescription drug, hospital, ambulance, and vision costs, to list only a few.

The idea here is to make your health plan feel like you're covered with group benefits, even if you're not.

If you need insurance now, check out GreatWest Life. You could have coverage within only a few minutes. You don't even have to pass an examination!

5. GMS

GMS offers several health coverage plan options. These include travel insurance, student insurance, replacement health coverage, and personal health coverage.

Your foreign friends that are visiting can even get health insurance from GMS during their stay. As a resident of Canada, you may be interested in either the personal or replacement health coverage options.

Personal health coverage plans are meant to extend the coverage you have through your province. They're flexible and cater to your needs. These include dental coverage and prescription drugs.

GMS offers three personal health coverage plans. Each one offers different ones, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them all before making a choice. Once you've chosen a plan you can also add additional coverage if you want.

Replacement health coverage is for those who're losing group benefits in the near future. GMS also offers three plans for this type of coverage.

If side-by-side comparison would be helpful, utilize the comparing tool they provide on their site.

Take Care of Your Health With These 5 Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance is one of those things you'll likely always be paying for, but it's always worth it in the end. Make sure you choose a plan that gets you high-quality coverage by going with one of these 5 health insurance companies.

Take a look at the plans that are offered and choose the one that best meets your needs. Whether you need prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, or bare-bones health coverage, there are options for you.

Not sure how to choose the right health insurance plan? Click here for more information.

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