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Life after your benefits expire

It can help protect yourself when your employee benefits end.
If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in life, it’s that things don’t often go as planned. This is especially true in the world of employment. You might be doing well in your job, only to find out the next day that your employer has decided to lay you and others off. Not only does mean the end of your employment with this company, but it also means the end of your benefits package. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Manulife FollowMe insurance provides you and your family with affordable health and dental coverage if you ever lose your benefits. This guaranteed insurance plan for Canadians is especially designed for those who have lost their insurance coverage within a 90-day period and definitely no medical questions asked.

How do I qualify for Manulife FollowMe coverage?

Unlike other types of insurance policies, Manulife FollowMe health and dental insurance is a guaranteed acceptance product. You will not be asked any questions about your medical history when you apply. If you are a Canadian resident and can pay your first premium within 90 days, you will not face any barriers to receiving your coverage.

What kinds of plans does Manulife FollowMe insurance provide?

There are four plans available under the Manulife FollowMe coverage banner. Each plan includes various features centered around prescription drugs, dental care and extended healthcare.

The plans are:

  • Basic coverage
  • Enhanced coverage
  • Enhanced Plus coverage
  • Premiere coverage


What are the benefits?

One of the best part of this plan is that it has a very long list of benefits.

The best part about Manulife FollowMe benefits is that they cover an array of essential services and procedures for you and your family. Whether it’s for prescription drugs, prescription eyewear, dental services, hearing aids or specialist visits, your plan will ensure you receive the care you need when you need it most. Most importantly, Manulife FollowMe health and dental coverage give you full control over your coverage rather than relying on an employer to provide you with it.

This popular plan has several benefits include:

  • Reimbursement for unexpected health expenses and other routine expenses
  • No medical questionnaire to complete, resulting in easier sign-up and approval
  • Couples and families with up to three children qualify for special rates
  • Obtain and submit your claims electronically
  • The ability to earn Air Miles reward miles

How much does Manulife FollowMe coverage cost?

Like many insurance products, the cost for Manulife FollowMe health and dental coverage varies. Cost-determining factors include the number of people covered by the plan, their ages and the product itself. For instance, a married person with one or more children is likely to pay more for coverage than an individual would.

Learn more about the costs associated with your Manulife FollowMe coverage by comparing insurance quotes or by contacting our insurance agents.

How do I submit claims?

Like all other Manulife products, FollowMe gives you the option of submitting your claims electronically or by mail. Your service provider may sometimes submit a claim on your behalf, as pharmacies, dentists, and medical establishments can send claims directly to insurers.

This process eliminates the need for paperwork; all you must do is pay the amount not covered by your insurance, and you’re all set. It’s important to note that you must submit the claim yourself if the service provider did not already do so.



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