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What is Disability Insurance?

Most of the times, you never see it coming. You’re going about your life, and within an instant, everything changes. Insurance is a peace of mind product. A good insurance policy assures you that your loved ones won’t suffer financially should anything happen to you.
Disability Insurance is a form of coverage that helps you in the event that you can no longer earn an income due to mental or physical disability. Simply put, disability insurance is a type of policy that pays out if you find yourself unable to work.
There are a number of variations of disability insurance. These typically vary in areas like premium costs, wait periods and overall coverage.  

Disability Insurance for Professionals and Executives

You should not let illness and injuries rob you of the career and income you have worked so hard to build. Sadly, life circumstances oftentimes do not give warning notes before occurring. But the Manulife Proguard Series Disability Insurance can serve as a perfect income replacement if the unexpected occurs.
Proguard Series Disability Insurance plan is the Manulife disability insurance product for individual protection that specifically designed for professionals and/or executives like you.  
It aims at meeting your income replacement needs in a dramatic way and also offering you tons of other useful benefits.  This plan can be used alongside your employer’s long-term disability benefits and interestingly, it offers a tax-free benefit.

What are the benefits?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Manulife created this plan because Manulife understands your financial situation in the event like this to help make sure your income continues uninterrupted.

An income protection designed for professionals and executives

Manulife Proguard Series is a disablity insurance policy giving you a percentage of your wages if you become disabled. It can offer you financial flexibility in an event of severe disability.

Several coverage benefits are available for you for this plan. Like easily extend your policy to some other longer-term insurance policy offered by Manulife and many more that listed below.

This popular plan has several benefits outlined below:

  • Provides tax-free income replacement in the event of disability, with a personally-owned plan.
  • Tops up employer-provided long term disability benefits.
  • Helps protect employees through an Income Loss Replacement Plan.
  • Maintain comprehensive disability coverage even if you are on leave (such as maternity/paternity) or sabbatical.
  • You can also enjoy partial benefits when you resume work.
  • On turning 65, you can enjoy the non-cancellable coverage without any reduction in benefit or increase in rates.


Plan Details

  • Replace your income if a disability prevents you from doing your regular occupation and you are not working anywhere else.
  • Receive partial or residual benefits if you continue working in a limited capacity.
  • Get more protection over time with an automatic 5% increase every year to your policy amount.
  • Get financial flexibility if you have a severe disability, such as loss of sight or hearing, with 25% higher benefits.
  • Plan for the future with the option to exchange your policy for a Manulife long term care insurance policy when the time is right.


Optional Add-ons

  • Get some of your premiums back every eight years if you make few or no claims.
  • Adjust the benefit amount according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Have the option to change your career while receiving disability income from your policy.
  • Purchase additional insurance as your income grows, without medical evidence.
  • Add protection for health care professionals practicing invasive procedures.


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