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Manulife's Association Health and Dental plans is a flexible insurance coverage options that suit to your association needs and budget!
Manulife's Association Health and Dental Insurance plans are designed with small to large businesses in mind. The plans also include Manulife’s hospital insurance and allow you and your family the freedom to take advantage of the numerous health and dental options available. The plans provide the benefits your employees need while avoiding costly add-ons. They are also suitable for those looking to supplement their existing health care coverage.

Two types of coverage

There are two types of plans available under the Manulife Association Coverage banner, each with four levels of coverage:

Health, Dental and Drug Benefits

  • Base Plan – Guaranteed Issue
  • Bronze Plan – Underwriting required
  • Silver Plan – Underwriting required
  • Gold Plan – Underwriting required

Health and Dental Benefits

  • Base Plan – Guaranteed Issue
  • Bronze Plan – Guaranteed Issue
  • Silver Plan – Guaranteed Issue
  • Gold Plan – Guaranteed Issue


What are the benefits?

The health benefits for you, your family and your associations.

The Manulife Association Plans are designed to provide you and your family with coverage that addresses your health and dental needs. From prescription drugs to specialist visits and Manulife hospital insurance, these plans give you easier access to the treatment or services you require.

There are also several benefits associated with these plans:

  • Eight health and dental coverage plans to choose from
  • Access to faster and more comprehensive coverage
  • Coverage for vision care, prescription drugs, dental care, hospital visits and more
  • Flexibility for small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Travel insurance

For more information about your options, compare insurance online today.

Why should I consider Manulife’s Association Plans for my business?

Manulife’s Association Plans are a great choice for businesses and associations of any size because of their clarity and flexibility. All employees receive comprehensive coverage that extends to their families. The plans also go beyond the coverage provided by provincial health insurance plans, offering access to products and services not usually covered by these plans. Examples include Manulife hospital insurance, dental procedures and prescription eyewear, just to name a few.

What is included in the plan?

If you’re looking for an insurance product that covers all the bases, the Manulife Association Plan may be the right choice for you. Here is a brief rundown of what your coverage includes.

Core benefits

Regardless of what level of coverage you have, all plans include Manulife’s Core Benefits. These benefits ensure that you will not have to pay out-of-pocket for health-related expenses such as specialist visits, vision care, emergency transport.

No waiting required

Unlike other insurance products, the Association Plan does not have a waiting period. Your benefits take effect immediately after your coverage is approved.

Easier claim submission

Submitting insurance claims can sometimes be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Upon approval, you receive a Benefits Card which allows your claims to be processed electronically, eliminating the need to fill out a claim form by hand.

Guaranteed acceptance

Most health-related insurance products require you to complete and submit a questionnaire before you receive your benefits. This is not required for the Base and Dental plans, meaning that your acceptance will be guaranteed.

Navigating your coverage

If you have any questions or concerns about your plan and its coverage, your plan gives you unbridled access to Manulife’s informative resources. These can be accessed on the Web or by calling a toll-free hotline.

Other features

Your plan also gives you access to travel coverage when you travel out-of-province, Lifeline® Personal Response Service which covers the cost of monitoring a home-based individual with medical issues, and PVS Preferred Vision and Hearing Services, which offers savings on hearing aids and vision products from participating retailers and PVS Preferred hearing centres.

How much is the premium?

The cost for the Manulife Association Plan varies based upon the type of plan they have, how many people are added to their coverage, and their ages. For example, a married employee in Ontario aged 18-44 with a similarly aged spouse and two children – one age 4, the other age 7 – would pay $209.70 for base health and dental plan. The premium for an unmarried employee in Ontario aged 18-44 with no spouse or children would be $85.30. You can also use Manulife’s online cost calculator or compare insurance online.



Additional resources

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