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About Group Medical Services

With a history dating back to 1949, GMS is a Canadian insurance company based out of Saskatchewan, servicing more than one-million Canadians. 

GMS focuses on bridging the gap between publicly funded medical care, and its policyholders. GMS provides health insurance for medical needs not covered by the government such as ambulatory services and care provided by personal support workers. The aim is to ensure all Canadians get to live their lives to the fullest.

GMS Key Information

Company NameGroup Medical Services
Head Office Address 2055 Albert Street, PO Box 1949, Regina, SK S4P 0E3
In Business Since 1949
A.M. Best Rating -
Financial Assets-
Terms and Conditions

How Do I Purchase a Plan with GMS Insurance?

You can begin the process of shopping for a GMS health insurance plan by following this link, and the process of securing a GMS travel policy by following this link.

How Can I Reach GMS Inurance by Telephone?

Call 1.800.667.3699 if you wish to reach GMS Insurance by phone.

How Do I File a Claim with GMS Insurance?

Visit the GMS website and check out the claims page if you wish to submit a claim. You’ll have to select the appropriate claims form from the drop down menu.

GMS Insurance Pros and Cons

As with any product or service, comes the advantages and disadvantages. According to our research, here are some pros and cons of GMS.

Why GMS Insurance Could Be Right for You?

  • Optional benefits upgrades can be tacked on to existing policies
  • Policies are easy to understand
  • Customizable plans
  • 24-7 customer support and assistance

Why GMS Insurance May Not Be Right for You?

  • Expensive products, especially for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Underwriter examines medical history, making it more difficult for approval
  • Limited coverage options
  • May not be available in all locations

What Does GMS Insurance Cover?

GMS offers a wide range of insurance plans designed to suit different needs and different budgets. In a GMS plan, you will find access to medical services which include prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and travelers insurance. Additionally, they provide various value-added services, such as telemedicine and wellness programs which are designed to help their members stay informed and healthy.

GMS Personal Health Insurance Plans

GMS’s personal health insurance plans are for individuals and families.  They provide a variety of coverage options for health-related expenses.  You can expect to find all of the unusual dental, vision and prescription benefits, but also things like paramedical, physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Let’s take a closer look at each plan.

GMS OmniPlan®

OmniPlan® is a superior GMS health insurance product that provides extensive health benefit coverage including  coverage for health practitioner services like physiotherapy and massage therapy, vision care, and glasses. This plan is upgrade-able if ever you want to add prescription drug and dental coverage, and hospital cash to cover out-of-pocket expenses when you have an extended hospital stay.

GMS BasicPlan

The BasicPlan includes coverage for things like emergency dental care, vision care, counselling services, as well as emergency medical insurance, but no coverage for prescription drugs. BasicPlan is an affordable GMS health insurance product that is designed to cover unexpected emergencies, including those fundamental health benefits not covered under your provincial health plan, such as ambulance services, preferred hospital rooms and in-hospital drugs. This plan is upgrade-able if ever you want to add prescription drug and dental coverage, and hospital cash to cover out-of-pocket expenses when you have an extended hospital stay.

GMS ExtendaPlan®

The GMS ExtendaPlan® is the most extensive personal health care package offered by GMS. The Extenda Plan includes even more coverage than the Basic Plan, and comes with benefits for things like diabetes equipment, blood pressure monitors and orthopedic shoes. There’s also up to $250 per year in coverage for things like physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Hit with unexpected expenses, stemming from unexpected injuries? Extenda has your back for that too. The Extenda Plan covers costs like casts and crutches. 

GMS Replacement Plans

GMS offers health insurance replacement plans for those individuals who may be losing their group benefits. These plans provide uninterrupted coverage and peace of mind while ensuring that prescription drugs, dental and vision care and more, are taken care of.

GMS EssentialPlan

Should you happen to find yourself in a medical emergency, the purpose of the EssentialPlan from GMS is there to help you cover the essentials. This plan gives you unlimited ambulatory services, and will help you pay for doctors visits, prescription drugs, emergency dental care, chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage. There is an annual limit to the services offered on this plan. 

GMS ChoicePlan

The ChoicePlan comes equipped with even more coverage than the Essential Plan. The ChoicePlan gives you $1,250 a year for prescriptions, and up to 80% in coverage for acupuncture and chiropractic services. The Choice Plan also includes coverage for prescription glasses, mental health care, and emergency medical travel coverage. The Plan is also customizable and allows you to add even more coverage for dental care, critical illness insurance, and added paramedical services. 

GMS PremierPlan

PremierPlan is the most comprehensive GMS replacement health benefits package that is designed for Canadians who want greater coverage for prescription drugs, vision, physio, massage and travel emergency medical insurance for longer trips. The PremierPlan comes with a plan to cover prescription drugs, dental and emergency travel medical insurance. Just like the Choice Plan, the Premier Plan is customizable too and lets you add extra coverage for dental care, critical illness insurance, and added paramedical services. 

GMS Additional Coverage Options

GMS Insurance is always looking out for its more than 1 million policyholders. Most of the GMS policies are customizable. You’ll be able to top-up your existing insurance policy with what you need the most. You can get additional services added to your plan like dental care, critical illness insurance, hospital cash and paramedical services such as naturopathy and speech therapy amongst others. 

GMS Travel Insurance

GMS offers travel insurance policies which deliver peace of mind. The plans bring protection for travellers by way of emergency medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, trip cancellation and other travel-related risks. These plans are for groups, families and individuals and are fully customizable.

GMS Emergency Medical Coverage

GMS has you covered when you are travelling too. The GMS Emergency Medical Coverage has you covered when you are travelling and the unexpected occurs. Get covered for doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospitalization, emergency dental services, accidental death and more. The GMS Emergency Medical Coverage gives you up to $5 million in incident-related coverage so that you can enjoy your vacation, freely. 

GMS Immigrants & Visitors Insurance

GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada is a GMS travel insurance product that is designed for immigrants and visitors to Canada that want to have peace of mind during their entire stay. There is guaranteed approval if the application is made and submitted before arriving in Canada. You can choose the amount of insurance coverage that you wish to receive. 

GMS Trip Cancellation Insurance

Sometimes, despite all the planning ahead, life takes a left turn. If you need to cancel your vacation trip for whatever reason, the GMS Trip Cancellation Insurance has you covered. The Trip Cancellation insurance does the impossible and reimburses you for the majority of your expenses like non-refundable air-fare, accommodations, cancellation fees, and lost or stolen bag coverage. You’re also covered if you have to cancel for deaths, natural disasters, jury duty, political unrest, terrorism, job loss and more. 

GMS Student Plan

The GMS Student Plan is designed for students who study abroad. You get to choose if you need coverage for 4 months, or 12 months. You’re covered for $2 million in health care for the year, and that includes 17 extensive medical services while you study. You’re covered for hospital; medical services; diagnostic treatment; outpatient services; prescription drugs; road and air ambulance; special attendant; return of family member; paramedical services; health practitioners; accidental death; return of remains; family to bedside; coverage continuation; out-of-pocket expenses; 24-hour travel assistant services, and sports participation (with extra coverage for athletes). 

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