Green Shield Insurance: What are the Benefits of GSC Health Plans?

Posted on November 18, 2018

Looking for affordable health insurance in Canada? Then Green Shield Canada might be just the insurance company you need.

With more than half a century behind them, Green Shield Insurance has helped millions of Canadians live a better life. You can be next.

But what are the benefits of Green Shield Insurance health plans, and why should you consider one? Read on for the core benefits of their health plans and find out if Green Shield Insurance is the right choice for you.

Getting to Know Green Shield Canada

Marketing themselves as "A Different Kind of Benefits Company", Green Shield Canada (GSC) is Canada's only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits company.

Green Shield Canada was founded in 1957 as a non-profit to provide flexible and affordable health and dental coverage to Canadians. The company provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Health care
  • Extended care
  • Drug benefits
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Hospital benefits
  • Travel benefits
  • Administration services

Since it is a non-profit company, Green Shield Canada uses all profits to fund community and health care initiatives all over Canada. Through the years, Green Shield Canada has supported a number of initiatives that have helped millions of Canadians.

So, when you get health insurance from Green Shield Canada, you are helping make Canada better for everyone. But that is not the only reason to get one of their health care plans.

Affordable Family Plans

Green Shield offer a range of affordable health insurance options for you and your family. Business owners and self-employed individuals may also be eligible for tax deductions. Other Canadians may quality for tax credit medical expenses.

There are more than ten different plans. The most basic plans offer some basic health care and vision care, as well as medical travel and hospital accommodation coverage. More comprehensive plans also offer prescription drug and dental care coverage with high benefit maximums.

Usable and Functional

Green Shield Insurance makes managing your accounts easy. You always have access to 24/7 call centre support. In addition to the helpful call centre, you can access the platform through their online website or their integrated app.

As a modern benefits carrier, Green Shield Insurance allows you to perform all sorts of activities online. Some of the most important functionalities include:

  • Submit claims online
  • Access direct deposit claims
  • Download personalized forms
  • Check eligibility in real time
  • Browse claims providers
  • Browse eligible drug lists
  • Check your Health Care Spending Account and Personal Spending Account

To register, you only need your Green Shield Canada ID number and a valid email address.

Easy Claim Submissions

Green Shield Canada uses modern technology to make claiming as easy and hassle-free as possible. Through their platform, you can submit online and mobile claims without having to go through the postal service. Nonetheless, you can submit a paper claim if you have to.

Submitting your claim is quick and straightforward. You can even get your provider to submit your claims, which means that your provider will do all the (digital) paperwork for you.

If you have coverage from different benefits plans, Green Shield Canada will help you coordinate your plans to get up to 100% combined coverage.

Improve Your Life with Change4Life

Green Shield Canada also helps prevent a lot of health problems through their Change4Life program. Change4Life is a collection of tools and resources to educate, guide and motivate Canadians to live a healthier life.

The program awards points based on your activities, which you can then cash in for several useful rewards.

Change4Life gives you many ways to earn points. The program starts with you filling a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) online. This questionnaire will allow GSC to customize the Change4Life for you. With this, you will get your own health report score along with recommendations to improve your lifestyle.

The program can send you recommendations, reminders and tips to create an achievable personal health plan. This plan will also help people with chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.

If you follow the guidelines of Change4Life, you will improve your overall wellness step by step. This will benefit both you and Green Shield Canada in the long run, as you will be healthier and need less health care coverage!

Efficient Insurance Plan and Administration

Sometimes managing or even accessing your benefits information can be a real hassle. You will have none of that with Green Shield Canada. Their online administration portal gives plan administrators access to al benefits information in real time.

The portal gives you the ability to check eligibility, enrolment, claims, and financial data in real time. You can input future transactions, update member status, run reports, and view monthly statements all from your computer screen.

Even if you have more than one benefits carrier, you can access all benefits from the same system. For example, if you partner with a health and dental specialist, you can still access everything from their online administration portal.

Learn More about Green Shield Insurance and Other Insurance and Financial Products

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