Dental Insurance Articles

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Canada?

Did you know that, according to the Canadian Dental Association, dentists and endodontists are now able to complete even the […]

Top 5 Best Dental Insurance Providers in Canada for 2022

Nobody likes to go to the dentist. Okay, some people probably do, but in general, the thought of going to […]

Canadian Dental Insurance Plans: Are They Worth It After Retirement?

Wondering if dental insurance is still worth it after retirement? When you retire, you might feel like the dental portion […]

How to Know If Your Dental Procedure is Covered by Green Shield

So, you're planning (or needing) to have a dental procedure? That's no fun. And worst of all, someone's got to […]

Finding the Best Dental Insurance in BC: A Guide to Dental Plans

In 2018, data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) shared information that highlights an important message: oral health is […]

A Complete Guide to Dental Care for Kids Who Hate to Brush Their Teeth

"Go brush your teeth!" If you've ever found yourself yelling those words across the house, you aren't alone. It's hard […]

Understanding Your Orthodontics Plan: 9 Things You Need to Know

In Canada and the United States, over 4 million people see an orthodontist or specialist for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontia, which […]

What's the Difference Between Preventative and Restorative Dental Insurance?

Did you know dental procedures have different categories? It's true. Insurance companies place major prosthodontics and preventative dental services under […]

Vision Insurance Coverage in Canada: Which Regions Offer Eye Care?

The Canada Health Act provides all essential and medically necessary care through its provincial arms. But it doesn't mandate the […]

Get Protected: 6 Incredible Full Coverage Dental Plans in Ontario

General oral care is not under the Canada Health Act. Everyone needs oral care, but where can we turn to? […]

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