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Posted on June 23, 2021

A good insurance company will have clear, efficient means of communication. The best companies will cover your needs but also allow transparency so you can see your claims and current statements. 

Green Shield Canada offers such transparency. When you visit the Green Shield log-in page, you will be able to see all kinds of information about your current coverage. 

Green Shield Canada is one of the many insurance choices you have in Canada. The folks at Green Shield have worked hard to make their system user-friendly as well as thorough. 

Finding Your Green Shield Registration Key

green shield insuance login screenshot

To log into your account and check out your information with Green Shield, you need to have a registration key. 

You should already have one since Green Shield sends them in the mail with most claim statements. 

If you've lost your registration key, you can still access it. You just need a few minutes and an internet connection. Go to the login page, click on the "get your registration key," and follow these steps:  

  1. Type in your ID number that is on the front of your card. 
  2. Type in your first and last names as they appear on your card. 
  3. The Captcha exactly as shown. You can always generate a new Captcha if the image isn't clear. At this point, you will have to click "continue." 
  4. Validate your birthdate on the next page. Click "continue." 
  5. Answer a question about recent claims history and click "continue." 
  6. Identify one of the active dependents and answer a question about them. Click "continue." 
  7. Enter the email address where you want the registration key sent to, and confirm it. Then click "continue." 

If you cannot answer the recent-claims-history question or the question about your dependent, Green Shield will mail your new registration key to you in the mail. You can also call the customer contact center, and Green Shield will share your key with you over the phone. 

Steps To Register

green shield insuance registration screenshot

Once you've accessed your registration key, you can begin the registration process from the Greenshield log-in page. 

Greenshield has two ways you can log in, through your account online or through their mobile app. To use the mobile app, you must register online first. Here's how. 

  1. Visit the Greenshield login page. 
  2. Identify the "Register here" form and enter your plan member number from the front of your insurance card and your registration key. 
  3. Complete the registration form and submit it. 

Once you've finished the registration form, go back to the Greenshield login page. Then log in and access your account with the password and username you just created. 

Mobile App

green shield insuance app ios screenshot

Once you've registered online, you can use the GSC On the Go mobile app. Here's how: 

  1. Download the GSC On the Go mobile app from either Google Play or the Apple Store. 
  2. Login with the password and username you created when you registered. 
green shield insuance app android screenshot

At any point in the registration process, you can call Green Shield Canada for assistance at 1-888-711-1119. An associate will help you with the details of your registration if something does not work on your end. 

Forgotten User Name

Once you've registered, you should write your user name and unique, uncrackable password down and save them in a safe location. However, we all know that life happens and you lose or forget your user name. Green Shield Canada has a solution for this as well.

Here's what you need to do if you forget your user name: 

  1. Click on the "forgot user ID" link directly beneath the spot where you input your user ID. This will take you to a new page. 
  2. Type in your Plan Member ID. 
  3. Type in your first name and surname. 
  4. Enter the captcha code in the box. 
  5. Click "Continue" and then follow the prompts. 

If you have the right credentials, then Green Shield will allow you to create a new user name. Once you've done this, write down the new user name and your password in a secure location. Then you won't have to go through this routine again. 

Forgotten Password

If you remember your Green Shield Canada log-in user name but can't remember your password, don't worry. You can reset your password easily by following these steps: 

  1. On the welcome page, click the "forgot password" link directly under the spot where you'd normally type your password. 
  2. Type in your Plan Member ID. 
  3. Type in your first name and surname. 
  4. Enter the captcha code in the box. 
  5. Click "Continue" and then follow the prompts. 

Green Shield Canada will allow you to select a new password. Remember, your password must have one capital letter, one lower-case letter, and one number in it. Do not include any spaces or special characters. 

Once you've reset your password, write it down along with your user name in a secure location so you do not have to reset your password again. 

Benefits of a Green Shield Log In

Once you've registered for your Green Shield log-in on the Green Shield website, you can access all kinds of information. Here are just a few of the things you can see and do when you have an online account. 

  • Set up a direct deposit for claims reimbursement
  • Check your policy so you can see what services you're eligible for
  • Download your ID card
  • Access and submit claims
  • Read your policy to see what drugs and medical services your policy will cover
  • Access the Greenshield resources such as the Change4Life tools

When you use the online portal, you're privileged to see a wealth of information that will help you with your own health and policies. 

Login and Learn

Green Shield Canada makes communication and insurance simple with the Green Shield login process. Once you have an account, you just need to log in and learn. 

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