Vision Insurance

Understanding the Basics: What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

on 31 May, 2019

74% of Canadians rely on prescription vision correction. But if you're a Canadian citizen, you already know that Medicare doesn't cover...

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Medical Payments 101: What Medical Expenses are Covered By Auto Insurance?

on 30 Jun, 2019

About 16% of drivers aren’t insured at any one given time. This means they have to meet their own medical...

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Travel Insurance vs International Health Insurance: What’s the Difference?

on 12 Jul, 2019

You have been dreaming of this trip or move, for years, and you have painstakingly planned all aspects. You have...

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Compare Health Insurance Alberta Can Offer You

on 10 Jul, 2019

Many people consider the possibility of contracting medical insurance that protects their health and that of their family. One that...

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Get the Right Package: How to Get the Best Medical Insurance Quotes Online

on 12 Jun, 2019

Most Canadians have a large portion of their health care needs taken care of as a result of the Constitution...

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What Is the Best Vision Care Insurance Canada Offers?

on 29 May, 2019

Vision loss severely debilitates the quality of life for many Canadians, preventing patients from working, using smartphones and computers, and...

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The Best Health Insurance Deals in Canada: 2019 Guide to Canadian Health Insurance

on 15 May, 2019

Over 24 million people in Canada choose private healthcare insurance. This offers excellent care and coverage that the Medicare system won't...

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Compare and Contrast: Comparing Private Health Insurance in Canada

on 8 Jul, 2019

Almost two-thirds of the Canadian population have health insurance outside of Medicare. Many of these private plans are employer-issued, while...

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How Much Is Your Health Worth? Comparing Health Quotes for Canadian Plans

on 7 Jul, 2019

In 2018, the estimated spending on healthcare in Canada was a staggering $253.5 billion. That's over $6,800 per person and...

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What Health Insurance Should I Get?: How to Compare Medical Plans

on 24 Jun, 2019

Private health insurance plans are not all created equal in Canada.  While having private insurance is a great idea if...