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The Best Health Insurance Deals in Canada: 2019 Guide to Canadian Health Insurance

on 15 May, 2019

Over 24 million people in Canada choose private healthcare insurance. This offers excellent care and coverage that the Medicare system won't...

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How to Get Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes

on 16 Apr, 2019

Many folks outside of Canada think that health care in this great nation must be a breeze as it is...

best health insurance Health Insurance

What Is the Best Health Insurance? a Step-By-Step Guide on Comparing Health Insurance

on 13 Apr, 2019

Premiums, copays, and health networks - oh my! Are you drowning in the land of health insurance plans? The average...

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How to Get Cheap Health Insurance in 10 Easy Steps

on 11 Apr, 2019

From 1997 to 2018, public health care insurance costs in Canada grew 3.5 times faster than food prices. What's more,...

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Compare Health Insurance Canada! Are You Getting the Best Coverage?

on 15 Apr, 2019

Canada's extraordinary health care system covers most of the population. Only a small fraction of its 37 million residents lack health...

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Alberta Health Insurance Comparison

on 30 Apr, 2019

Over the last several decades the cost for private healthcare in Canada has risen. Costs have increased over 220 percent...

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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Affordable Ontario Health Care

on 12 Apr, 2019

The average Canadian household spent nearly $2,000 on health care in 2017. That figure represents direct costs that Canadians are...

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Your Comprehensive Guide to OHIP Coverage for Seniors

on 29 Apr, 2019

Are you a resident of Ontario and about to retire? You might be wondering what kind of health care awaits...

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Senior Benefits in Ontario: A Complete Guide to Senior Health Benefits

on 25 Apr, 2019

Canada’s most populous province is getting grayer. Statistics Canada reported that almost 20 percent of Ontarians were over the age...

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OHIP Coverage After Age 65: Expanded Coverage for Seniors

on 24 Apr, 2019

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province. The fastest growing segment of the population is those aged 65 and over. In...