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Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan: YHCIP Benefits and Coverage Overview
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The Yukon Health Care Insurance plan or simply YHCIP is the official health care plan for Yukon residents that provides coverage for medically required hospital and medical services, and certain dental-surgical procedures.

Yukon Health Care Insurance coverage normally becomes effective three months after the date you establish residency in Yukon. Every permanent Yukon residents can enjoy and take advantage this provincial health benefits.

Here is a summary of the benefits and coverage of the plan.

Yukon YHCIP Health Benefits

Here are the medical benefits covered by the plan.

  • • The plan covers the services of physicians, medical specialists and hospital services considered as medical necessities.
  • • Hospital services are covered only if the hospital is publicly funded.
  • • If physician services are carried out in a hospital, the patient’s home, or at the accident scene, they will be covered by the plan.
  • • The services of physicians during pregnancy.
  • • Dental surgeries performed in an approved hospital facility.
  • • Air and ground ambulance transportation within the province. No fee is involved here

The plan covers the following programs:

  • Children’s Dental Program: This service specifically targets children from newborn babies in either Grade 8 or Grade 12, depending on where the kid lives.
  • Drug and Optical Program for Kids: This provides children from low-income families and below 18 years of assistance with prescription drug and eye care costs.
  • Chronic Disease and Disability Benefits Program: This offers financial assistance to residents suffering from chronic diseases and/or functional disabilities considered to be serious. It covers medical supplies, prescription drugs, and durable medical equipment.
  • Pharmacare and Extended Health Benefits: Seniors 60 and above married to Seniors above 64 can take advantage of the Pharmacare and extended health benefits. This plan provides assistance to obtain dental care, prescription drugs, medical supplies, and equipment as well as vision care.
  • Hearing Services: This plan is made available to all Yukon residents and it includes coverage for the repair and dispensing of hearing aids as well as for hearing examinations, and also assistive listening devices.
  • Travel for Medical Treatment: If a resident requires to travel to the nearest qualified facility for medically necessary treatment, the transportation cost could be covered by this plan. However, it is required that the trips tarts in Yukon.

Not all physician services are covered. The plan does not cover the following physician services.

  • • The services of optometrists and vision care such as eyeglasses.
  • • Braces, walkers and other durable medical appliances for residents above 16.
  • • Except for students studying outside Yukon who obtained prior approval, medical expenses are not covered for residents who travel outside Yukon.
  • • The services of osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, and
  • • Medical exams needed by third parties.
  • • Dental surgeries not carried out in a hospital facility.
  • • All forms of Cosmetic surgeries.
  • • Prescription drugs not used in a hospital.
  • • Ambulance transportation when needed to travel outside of the province.
  • • Medical advice delivered over the phone.
  • • Goods and services of private medical facilities.
  • • Creation of certificates, reports, and records done by a physician.

Yukon YHCIP Hospital Benefits

The Hospital Insurance Services Plan provides Yukon residence hospital services.

Here are the covered hospital services.

  • • Meals and accommodations provided at standard ward rates. It does not cover the cost difference between private and semi-private hospital rooms.
  • • X-rays, laboratory services and other diagnostic services.
  • • Medically necessary nursing services and other medically important hospital services.
  • • Radiotherapy and physiotherapy.
  • • Prescription drugs administered in a hospital, and
  • • Certain outpatient services.

The following hospital services are not covered by the plan.

  • • Semi-private and private hospital rooms.
  • • Services rendered in nursing homes.
  • • Prescription drugs required to be used outside of the hospital.
  • • Medical devices like crutches, and
  • • Dental procedures are not covered but if the process has been prior approved, it may be covered if it is carried out in a hospital.


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