A Guide to the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan and Yukon Health Card

Read on to learn more about the Yukon health plan, the eligibility requirements, ways to obtain a health care card, and more. If you are a permanent resident of Yukon, you should know how to take advantage of the provincial healthcare benefits.

    Yukon is the smallest and westernmost province of Canada. Like other Canadian provinces, they have an excellent healthcare system and public health insurance program.

    The Department of Health and Social Services administers healthcare in Yukon. In addition to general healthcare policy development, the department is responsible for administration and oversight of healthcare-related issues.

    If you live in the Yukon or are thinking of moving there, you'll want to familiarizing yourself with Yukon’s provincial healthcare coverage, and how to obtain your health card.

    Free Healthcare Coverage in Yukon

    Yukon’s provincial healthcare plan is called the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP). It is designed to provide its residents with coverage for most basic medical care that is delivered by Yukon doctors and at Yukon hospitals. To be eligible for their health plan coverage, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a permanent residence in the province (must be present there at least 6 months per year).

    The Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan also has you covered, even if you’re travelling outside of the province (as long as you have your Health Card with you). If you find yourself needing medical assistance while outside of Canada, you will stay covered but only up to the amount of equivalent service back home. When travelling abroad, it is advised to secure yourself with additional travel insurance.

    YHCIP free healthcare coverage can be supplemented by purchasing additional health insurance from private insurance companies. Insurdinary makes it easy to get extended health insurance plans with the lowest premiums.

    Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP)

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    What Does Yukon Health Care Insurance Cover?

    The Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan is designed to supply all eligible Yukon residents with fundamental medical benefits. Once you’re a registered Yukon Health cardholder, the YHCIP program will provide:

    • Physician services performed at the patient’s home, a hospital, clinic or scene of an accident.
    • Medically required hospital, physician and medical specialist services. (To have YHCIP cover the total cost of hospital services, the hospital must be publicly funded.)
    • Air and ground ambulance transportation within the Yukon province (no fees).
    • Certain surgical dental procedures (when performed in an approved hospital).
    • Physician services during pregnancy

    YHCIP also covers programs such as:

    • Children’s Dental Program
    • Children’s Drug and Optical Program
    • Chronic Disease and Disability Benefits Program
    • Pharmacare and Extended Health Benefits
    • Hearing Services
    • Medical Treatment Travel

    YHCIP will not cover certain medical services, such as:

    • Chiropractors, podiatrists, osteopaths and orthodontists.
    • Optometrists and vision care (e.g., eyeglasses).
    • Most medical expenses when travelling outside of Yukon.
    • Durable medical appliances unless the resident is 16 or younger.
    • Private medical facility services or goods.
    • Prescription drugs not for use in a hospital.
    • All dental surgery that is not performed in an approved hospital.
    • All cosmetic surgeries.
    • Medical examinations required by third parties.
    • Creation of certificates, reports, and records by a physician.
    • Ambulance transport when travelling outside of the province.
    • Medical advice provided via telephone.

    What Does Yukon Seniors Health Benefits Cover?

    Yukon senior residents that are 65 years of age or older (as well as seniors 60 or older married to seniors above 65) are eligible to benefit from the Pharmacare and Extended Benefits program. This program provides health to obtain:

    • Medical supplies and equipment
    • Prescription drugs
    • Vision care
    • Dental care

    What Does Yukon Seniors Pharmacare Cover?

    If you’re a Yukon resident 65 years of age or older (or 60 years of age and married to a Yukon resident who’s at least 65 years old) and eligible for YHCIP, you can benefit from a 100% coverage of your prescription drug costs.

    Seniors Pharmacare program covers:

    • Medical surgical supplies or equipment
    • Hearing aids
    • Dental care
    • Eye examinations and glasses
    • Prescription medications (the program pays the total costs of the lowest priced generic drugs of all prescription drugs)
    • Certain non-prescription drugs and goods (e.g., insulin syringes, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.)

    Pharmacare doesn’t cover the cost of:

    • Personal care items
    • Patent medicines
    • Vitamins
    • Most medicines used for treating colds
    • Antacids
    • Laxatives
    • Medical or surgical supplies

    Registering for the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan

    You can apply for the YHCIP to receive healthcare benefits in the province if you are a Yukon resident. If you are a newcomer, you are eligible for YHCIP once you have been a resident for 3 months.

    To be able to register for the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan, you must:

    • be a Canadian citizen or have immigration status
    • be physically present in Yukon for at least 6 months per year
    • make your permanent home in Yukon

    You cannot apply for the YHCIP if you are on a study visa, but you can if you are on a work visa for a minimum of 1 year.

    Applying for a Yukon Health Care Card

    Yukon YHCIP Health Card

    Yukon Health Care Card is a personal identification card which you are required to present in order to receive medical services. If you are eligible to apply for it, you should gather the necessary documents to accompany your application, and start your application.

    How to Apply in Person

    To receive Yukon Health Care Insurance, you must register in person with the Government of Yukon.

    In Whitehorse: 4th floor, 204 Lambert Street.

    In rural communities, Health Card application forms are available at all territorial agents

    Take your completed and signed registration form along with two pieces of ID and visit the nearest services point. Depending on the service point, you’ll either have to provide a photo or will have your photo taken there for a small fee. Once your YHCIP application has been processed, you will receive a letter in which it is indicated from which date you are eligible to receive the YHCIP. In the 14 days following that date, your Health Card will be sent to you.

    For any questions about your Yukon Health Care card, you can:

    • Phone at 867-667-5209.
    • Toll free in Yukon 1-800-661-0408, extension 5209.
    • Email yukon.healthcare@yukon.ca

    Applying Online

    You cannot apply online for a Yukon Health Care card.

    Forms and Documentation Required

    As for the documentation required to accompany your YHCIP application, you will need to bring photocopies of your:

    • Canadian birth certificate
    • Canadian citizenship card
    • permanent resident status card
    • a secondary piece of ID for all people listed

    Furthermore, you must prove your proof of residence by bringing any of the following:

    • pay stubs
    • utility bills
    • bills in your name from Yukon businesses
    • plane ticket to Yukon
    • a letter from your employers
    • rental agreement.

    Renewing or Replacing Your Yukon Health Care Card

    Renewing Your Health Card

    Your Yukon Health Care card renews yearly on your birthday. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail.

    Replacing Your Health Card

    In case your valid Health Card gets damaged, destroyed, or lost, you will need to replace it. You should also replace your Health Card in case of any changes in your personal information or marital status.

    If you lose your card and need a new one or need to report significant changes (e.g., name change, new address, divorce, legal separation, birth, death, or adoption), you should:

    • Phone - 867-667-5209
    • Toll free - 1-800-661-0408, extension 5209
    • Email - yukon.healthcare@yukon.ca

    Changing the Address on Your Card

    If you need to change address on your Yukon Health Care card, you should contact, you should reach out via phone, toll free, or email.

    • Phone - 867-667-5209
    • Toll free - 1-800-661-0408, extension 5209
    • Email - yukon.healthcare@yukon.ca

    Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan Coverage Details

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    All permanent residents of Yukon (residing in the province for at least 6 months a year) have access to provincial health coverage. Keep reading to find out more about what’s covered and what isn’t covered by the health plan, as well as about extended health care, drug plan, coverage for those travelling in and out of Canada.


    When talking about dental benefits, the YHCIP covers certain dental procedures:

    • Certain dental surgical procedures that have to be performed in an approved hospital.
    • Recall exam every 2 years.
    • Seniors that are 65 years of age or older receive up to $1,400 during a two-year period for rebases and dentures once every 5 years.
    • The Children’s Dental Program intended for children grades K to 8/12 is designed to provide diagnostic, preventative, and restorative dental services.

    Routine dental care isn’t covered, as well as dental surgery performed outside a hospital.

    Prescription Drugs

    Yukon has three drug plans with which it provides drug coverage to its residents. These plans are:

    • The Chronic Disease and Disability Benefits Program. The program provides financial help to Yukon residents suffering from functional disabilities and/or chronic diseases considered to be serious. The program covers durable medical equipment, prescription drugs, and medical supplies.
    • The Children’s Drug & Optical Program. The program provides help with eye care and prescription drug costs to children below 18 years and from low-income families.
    • The Pharmacare Program

    Prescription Drug costs with Yukon Seniors Pharmacare

    The Seniors Pharmacare program helps senior Yukon residents by providing a complete coverage of their prescription drug costs.

    Extended Health Care

    Senior residents of Yukon can apply for Extended healthcare benefits to cover for their dental, medical, and vision needs.

    To be eligible for Extended Health Care benefits, you must be:

    • a resident of Yukon age 65 or over
    • registered with the YHCIP

    You are also eligible if you are:

    • between 60 and 64 years old
    • a Yukon resident registered with YHCIP
    • married to a resident of Yukon who is 65 or older

    The Extended Health Care Benefits program covers the cost of:

    • Prescription drugs
    • Dental care
    • Eye care
    • Medical-surgical supplies and equipment

    Travelling within Canada

    The Interprovincial Billing Agreement has been signed by all Canadian provinces except Quebec. This means that, as a Yukon resident, you are covered for insured physician and hospital services. Your Yukon health card will be accepted in most parts of Canada as proof that they will be paid.

    When travelling to other parts of Canada, you are advised to purchase extra coverage because doctors in certain areas:

    • decide to extra-bill their patients and will ask you to pay the difference between the physician’s rate and the approved provincial rate.
    • will bill you directly for the services provided.

    Other medical travel costs that may fall on your shoulders include:

    • Air ambulance charges
    • Hospital transfers
    • Escort charges
    • The cost of return transportation

    If you don’t have your Yukon Health card to present to medical services providers, the out-of-Yukon physicians and hospitals may ask you to pay for medical services or bill you directly instead of the Government of Yukon.

    Travelling Out of Canada

    When travelling outside of Canada, your provincial health plan doesn’t cover many medical services. If you are travelling out of Canada or moving to or from the territory, you should purchase travel health insurance.

    YHCIP for Students

    When studying outside of Yukon, your provincial healthcare insurance covers all fees for visits to the doctor and hospital.

    In order to qualify for student healthcare coverage, you need to:

    • be a full-time student at a university or any other recognized post-secondary institution
    • submit the temporary absence for every year you attend school outside Yukon
    •  submit a temporary absence form before you leave
    • intent to return to Yukon after you finish your studies
    • return to the province at least one during every school year (if not, then submit a letter explaining why you are not returning)

    YHCIP Seniors Pharmacare Benefits

    The Seniors Pharmacare Program is designed to help senior Yukon residents by providing them with:

    • Medical surgical supplies or equipment
      • Hand inhalers
      • Respiratory equipment
      • Walking aids
      • Manual wheelchairs
      • Commodes
      • Artificial eyes and limbs
    • Dental care
      • Coverage limited to $1,400 in any two-year period.
      • Paid rebases or dentures once in a five-year period.
      • The bill gets submitted directly to the healthcare plan for payment if you present your Pharmacare card to the dentist.
    • Hearing aids
      • One hearing aid allowed in a four-year period.
      • Adjustment and repair of one hearing aid within a 12-month warranty.
      • Batteries are not covered.
      • No charge for adjustments.
    • Prescription medications
      • The Pharmacare program covers the total cost of the lowest priced generic drugs of all prescription medications. Visit the Yukon Pharmacare Formulary for the list of drugs and costs.
      • If you don’t have your Pharmacare card with you when buying prescription drugs, you will be charged for the cost. If you submit the original receipt, the program may refund the amount.
    • Non-prescription drugs and goods
      • Insulin syringes
      • Analgesics used for the symptomatic relief of arthritis conditions
      • Anti-inflammatory drugs
      • Compounds used in the control of heart disease, digoxin, preparations, nitroglycerin, and other digitalis-related products.
    • Eye examinations and glasses
      • You are covered for one eye examination, new lenses, and a maximum of $100 for buying new frames once every two years.
      • The purchase of contact or tinted lenses is not covered.
      • The repair of glasses is not covered.

    Common Procedures and YHCIP Eligibility

    There is much confusion regarding the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan and the extent of the coverage. The following are common procedures that aren’t covered by the YHCIP.

    What Is and Isn't Covered Under the YHCIP

    X-Rays and Exams With prior approval and in cases where it must be done in a hospital.
    Wisdom teeth With prior approval and in cases where it must be done in a hospital.
    Eye exams Pharmacare program (for seniors): one eye examination, new lenses, and a maximum $100 toward the purchase of frames once every two years.

    Children’s Drug & Optical Program: one eye examination every two years, glasses every 2 years to a maximum of $200.
    Glasses No
    Laser eye surgery No
    Rhinoplasty No
    Breast reduction No
    Hospital stays Covered when administered at an approved hospital
    Ambulance transportation Yes
    Giving birth Yes

    Extending Yukon Health Care Coverage

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