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Yukon Health Insurance Overview

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Yukon is the least populated of all provinces and territories in Canada with a population of about 40,476 people from the 2018 population estimate. It is the smallest of the three territories in Canada with a land area of 474,712.68. Yukon has only one city, Whitehorse, which is also its territorial capital. The territory was originally a part of the Northwest Territories until 1898 when it was established as a federal territory via the Yukon Act.

Yukon has a high rate of cancer than Canada in general, with 232.83 cancer cases per 100,000 persons per year as compared to Canada (171.31 cancer cases per 100,000 persons per year).

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What does the Yukon YHCIP Plan not cover?

Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan (YHCIP) is the provincial healthcare plan available to all residents in Yukon. It covers medically required services; however, some services are not covered by the plan. These include:

  • All cosmetic surgeries.
  • Medical advice offered over the phone.
  • Medical examinations at the request of a third party.
  • The service of paramedics such as orthodontists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and osteopaths.
  • Durable medical appliances for residents above 16.

Optometric services not covered by the provincial health plan

YHCIP does not cover optometric services, however, the plan includes the Children’s Optical Program which provides coverage for optometry costs for children under the age of 19 in low-income families.

The plan also does not cover services provided by dispensing opticians and optometrists. This includes the provision of eyeglasses.

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Prescription drugs not covered by the provincial health plan

If you are registered with the YHCIP, you will be eligible for Yukon pharmacare when you turn 65 or aged 60 and married to a resident who is at least aged 65.

The program covers certain non-prescription drugs and goods such as compounds used in the control of heart disease; anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics used to relieve arthritic conditions; and insulin syringes.

The plan covers prescription drugs when administered in the hospital but drugs administered outside of a hospital are not covered.

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Dental coverage not covered by the provincial health plan

Medically required dental procedures such as surgical dental procedures performed in a hospital are covered by the plan but dental surgeries carried out outside of a hospital are not covered.

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Yukon Health Insurance FAQ

Am I eligible for the YHCIP?

When is my health card renewed?

How do I change information on my card?

I lost my card, how do I get a new one?

How do I apply for YHCIP?

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Yukon Health Updates

Yukon Health News

North American, in general, has been facing systematic sexism for years, but the systematic sexism in health insurance evident in Yukon needs to be addressed. According to Sarah Frey, who shared her experiences with CBC, the healthcare system in Canada often silences women and doctors do not always believe their pains.

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Yukon Health Statistics

Chronic conditions constitute diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases that may last for months or years and usually lead to disability and death.

A 2009/2010 self-report on selected chronic conditions in the population age 12 and over in Yukon shows that about 10% of Yukoners have asthma whereas about 8% of Canadians were reported of having the condition. However, the statistic was taken from a portion of Yukon’s already small population; this means that the result may not be completely accurate.

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