History Articles

What Is Canada Known For and What We Offer the World?

Everyone loves Canada. A September 2021 poll found that Justin Trudeau is the most popular foreign leader amongst American young […]

Metis: Understanding Canada’s Indigenous History

The Metis matter. In the 2016 census, nearly 600,000 Canadians identified themselves as Metis. More and more people are feeling […]

Canadiens Vs Maple Leafs - Digging Into The Rivalry

If you're a hockey fan, then you're no stranger to the intense rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto […]

Canadian Provincial Flags

There are a lot of amazing facts about Canada that most people don't know. For example, most know that Canada […]

O Canada! The Canadian National Anthem

The Canadian national anthem, 'O Canada', has been a symbol of Canadian pride, fortitude, and patriotism since it was commissioned […]

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