Paying for Private: The Top 3 Health Insurance Companies in Canada

Posted on December 19, 2018

Looking for extra insurance coverage? While Canadian residents benefit from provincial health insurance, sometimes it's not enough.

Provincial health insurance programs only cover basic needs, such as medically required services. They don't cover the sorts of things that keep you healthy, such as routine dental or physical checkups.

Private health insurance companies can help with that, though. They fill in those gaps so you have the complete coverage you need. Which ones are the best, though?

To help you make your decision, here are the top 3 health insurance companies you can choose from in Canada.

The Top 3 Health Insurance Companies: A Disclaimer

Each of these health insurance companies offers great health plans that can help you meet your needs. That being said, they may not be the best fit for you. Always keep you and your family's specific needs in mind when choosing a private health insurance plan.

1. Manulife Financial Corp.

When searching for the top health insurance providers in Canada, you'll often see Manulife pop up. Why's that? Because they're simply one of the best.

And, while operating in Canada, this company also offers insurance programs in the United States and Asia. In other words, they're trying to do a lot of good throughout the world, not just in Canada.

One thing Manulife has going for it is its history. It's been around since 1887. That should tell you a bit about how much people like their services.

When it comes to health insurance, Manulife offers several different options. This makes it easier for you to choose one that fits your needs. This is true whether you've been on group coverage and are losing it, or if you're just looking for private insurance.

The plans they offer include health and dental insurance, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance. In each of those categories, you'll find multiple options to choose from.

Under health and dental insurance, you have two options to choose from. These are called Flexcare and FollowMe.

The FollowMe option is for those who're losing the benefits they enjoyed as part of an employee group plan. Flexcare offers great, and affordable, coverage for individuals and families. Both of these options provide special rates for families that have three or more children.

And they don't just stop at health insurance. Manulife wants to protect you in every way, so they also offer travel and life insurance plans.

2. Great-West Life Assurance Company

Though the name implies that they only offer life insurance, that isn't the case. Great-West is another one of the top companies offering health insurance in Canada.

Like Manulife, they've got the history to show how well they do their job. Great-West was founded in Winnipeg in 1891, and by 1897 the company had spread into every province in Canada. More than 125 years after their founding, they're still providing quality insurance to many.

Their history of health insurance dates back to 1942, and they currently offer several comprehensive health and dental plans. No matter your stage of life, there's a Great-West plan for you.

Great-West insurance plans are designed to perfectly complement your provincial health care coverage. You won't have to prove that your procedure is medically necessary. Instead, you can get treatment when you need or want it.

Comprehensive coverage of prescription medications is included in Great-West insurance plans. And you can still get coverage even if you have pre-existing conditions when you apply.

There are several plans and additional add-on benefits to choose from, so take a look at what they have to offer.

3. Blue Cross Canada

Though Blue Cross doesn't have as many years under its belt, it does have more than 70. Blue Cross plans were first established in Manitoba in 1939. And, as with Great-West, this insurance company quickly grew to other provinces.

Millions of people use Blue Cross, and there's a reason for it. They offer quality insurance that pairs well with provincial coverage.

Across their plans, Blue Cross offers coverage for many health-related items and circumstances. These include disability, critical illness, health spending accounts, dental benefits, and out-of-province emergency medical care.

The plans available to you depend on the province in which you live. To find specific details for what's available in your area, you'll need to contact the location nearest you.

The Pacific Blue Cross website uses a serious of speech bubbles to guide you to the right plan. Simply click on the ones that apply to you. You'll find all sorts of information on which plan is great for which types of people.

For those times when you're away, Blue Cross offers travel insurance. They also provide this coverage for children who travel with the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. Their families are covered as well.

Choose from vision options, dental options, and varying levels of prescription drug coverage. With so much ability to choose, you're sure to find your perfect plan.

Choose Health Insurance That's Right for You

Each of these companies offers top health insurance that you can always rely on. Whether you're aiming to stay healthy or have coverage when you're not, a great insurance plan will have you covered.

Any of these top 3 health insurance companies could be the right fit for you. Take the time to explore the options they have available, and you may just find the perfect fit for you and your family.

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