Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Posted on August 31, 2021

Is your teen lazing around at home during the summer? Sure, summer is a valuable time off from school and other responsibilities, but it might be time for your child to start learning how to make money as a teen.

When teenagers are old enough to get jobs, they learn independence and they get to understand the value of their own money. They can start saving for their futures and spend a bit of cash on things that they want. 

But what teen summer jobs are available to them? We're here to talk about it. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular jobs for Canadian teenagers.

teen summer baby sitter job

1. Babysitter

Babysitting is a teen job that's stood the test of time. You may have babysat when you were a teenager.

Babysitting isn't easy, but it is an accessible and often profitable job for teenagers. When they're home during the summer, they make great resources for parents who work full-time (or need a few hours off). This makes it one of the most appealing summer jobs for high school students.

This job is easier for someone who has younger siblings at home, but all teenagers can learn how to take care of children. If your teen is uncomfortable with certain age groups, or if you don't think that they're ready, make sure that they find appropriate spots. 

This is one of the best summer jobs for teens that has a low barrier to entry. Remember, though, you're competing with professional sitters and nannies. Start with neighbours, friends, and family members.

Insurance Agent the most boring job

2. Intern

Older teens may be able to get internships during the summer, though these are often only for college students. If there are small businesses nearby that fit within your child's job plan, consider contacting them to see if they'd accept a young helper. 

Sometimes kids can work with newspapers, veterinary offices, salons, and other popular locations. Keep in mind that internships don't often pay well, but they will give your teenager experience for the future. 

Internships, when available, are great summer jobs for students who know what they want from their futures.

cost of owning a pet in canada

3. Pet Sitter

What's better than playing with pets all day? Teenagers love pet sitting more than they love babysitting. After all, dogs and cats are more fun (and less work) than babies. 

There are several apps that teenagers could use to advertise their services, but as with babysitting, their best bet is to network with friends and family members.

Many people like to have someone come and walk their dogs or play with their cats while they're at work. People who take summer vacations also need someone to pay attention to their furry friends!

teen summer house sitting job

4. House Sitter

If you have a responsible teen, being a house sitter is also a great summer job for them. Most of the time this is appropriate for older teens rather than younger ones and it's sometimes combined with pet sitting. 

As a house sitter, your teen will either stay at someone else's home or check in on it throughout the day to water plants and make sure that everything is in order. People who go on vacation during the summer often require this service. 

As far as youth jobs go, this is one of the easier options. 

teen summer amusement park job

5. Amusement Park Worker

Working at an amusement park is a lot of fun! While it's not all fun and games, your teenager will work in a fast-paced and interesting environment. 

Working at an amusement park for tourists and locals alike will give your teenager a crash course in customer service. Many people get more difficult while they're on vacation, so teens have to work even harder. At the end of the day, this is a good experience even if it's frustrating for your teen at the time. 

If your teenager is lucky, they may even get discount tickets for the rides on their days off!

teen summer lifeguard job

6. Lifeguard

Is your teenager a strong swimmer? Why not suggest that they try lifeguarding? 

Being a lifeguard is tough, so this isn't for the faint of heart. Most teen lifeguards are athletic to start with, so if your teenager loves sports, this is a good option.

They're going to need CPR training and they'll likely have a vigorous training session with experienced lifeguards before they're allowed to hit the water.

Camping site nearToronto

7. Camp Counsellor (or Counsellor in Training) 

This is one of the most fun Canada summer jobs for teens who don't mind interacting with children and love being outdoors.

Summer camp is a great experience for kids, but the fun doesn't have to stop when your child is a teenager. They can start working as a camp counsellor (or a counsellor in training depending on their age and the requirements of the camp). 

Summer camp comes in plenty of varieties, so there will be at least one that suits your teenager. There are art camps, sports camps, academic camps, and traditional sleepaway camps.

Your teen will make money and have a blast.

teen summer tutor job

8. Tutor 

One of the most profitable teen jobs, if they do it right, is tutoring. A student who has a lot of knowledge in a specific area can make good money by tutoring younger children or people their own age who aren't as advanced. 

Parents are willing to pay well for tutoring during the summer so their children are ready for the upcoming school year. Have your teenager note down their areas of expertise and look for local tutor requests online. 

Try These Teen Summer Jobs This Year

If your teen is struggling to make money, have them try out one of these teen summer jobs. Whether they're athletic, academic-minded, a great caregiver, or an ambitious future intern, there's something that will work for any teenager. 

Let your teen start making their own money and prepare them for the future.

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