8 Facts About Buying Life Insurance for Parents

Posted on January 13, 2018

Must know facts before buying Life Insurance for Parents

Planning for your parents future isn't always easy or easy to understand. Here we share 8 facts about buying life insurance for parents to help simplify things.

Nobody likes thinking about the event of a parent's death -- but it's something we must encounter and cope with.

Life insurance for parents should be one less concern in a difficult time.

Even in a period of mourning, we face the financial realities of life. Your financial future will change at the moment they pass. You must take measures to protect your family from that uncertainty.

There are countless reasons to choose life insurance for parents. Your parents needn't worry about a burden they leave their children. You can protect yourself from their financial burdens.

All parties can rest easier with the security of life insurance for parents. But selecting the right policy for them all is a challenge.

What are the best rates for your personal finances? What kind of coverage will take care of your parents' financial obligations?

The choices you make today will affect your financial health in your future.

Preparing to Buy Life Insurance for Parents

You will find it complicated to manage finances for your family. But you need everyone on board if you want to move forward.

Ensure your parents understand your goals. Recruit all relevant family members to participate in the decision. You will need them when determining the details of the policy.

Finally, choose the best resource for browsing life insurance policies. You will want to conduct as thorough a search as possible. You will want to receive several quotes as well.

8 Things You Need to Do Moving Forward

Before you select a policy, you must understand your needs. You must determine how the policy will function. Everyone in your family must understand their roles as well.

Here are the eight things you need to do before purchasing a policy. Your family deserves a financially secure future. But they all have to understand and agree to the terms first.

  1. Calculate the Needs of Your Family

Figuring out your family's needs isn't simple. You need to consider debts. You need to decide what will be a fair distribution as well.

For example, some members of the family may have children. An even distribution would not take that into account. Other members may have excessive debt so that some adjustment to the distribution may be needed.

Put all of your family's debts and assets down on paper. A good rule of thumb is to bring each family member to a suitable level of financial stability. That will be different for each person, but you will arrive at a solid figure.

  1. Consider Your Assets As well

Some family members have substantial assets. They may decide to opt-out of certain benefits. This will enable you to lower the amount of the policy and its payments.

Determining a fair distribution based on needs and assets can be a strain. You must prepare your family for this uncomfortable conversation. Ultimately you want to reduce your previous figure to an amount that is agreeable to everyone.

  1. Offset Those Needs with Your Parents' Assets

You can also find savings in the assets of your parents. If they have substantial savings they can be factored into the amount. They may have homes or properties whose value can factor in.

Determining the value of those assets isn't easy. Be cautious about overestimating their value. Doing so could result in an insufficient yield.

Life insurance for parents isn't about making money. It's about freeing your family of financial difficulties while you cope with the loss of a loved one. It's to avoid leaving behind debt alongside your parents' legacy.

  1. Get the Consent of Your Parents

Your policy is meant to benefit your family after your parents pass. But as the insured parties, they must agree to the policy as well.

Your parents will have greater insight into their assets and debts. They may help you determine what will be a fair policy for their loved ones.

On the other hand, they may need the policy explained to them. It's your moral obligation to make sure they understand. The policy could affect them during life as it comes into effect.

  1. Determine the Amount You Need

You've determined your family's needs. You've calculated the assets and debts of all parties. And you've consulted all parties and received their consent.

Now you should have a solid figure in mind. You're ready to move forward with selecting a policy. But the type of policy you select will require certain conditions.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Life Insurance for Parents

There are several common types of insurance. You should educate yourself about all of them before making a decision.

Simplified issue life insurance does not require a medical exam. Coverage is affordable and often offered up to age 80. You may find the offered amount doesn't meet your family's needs.

Term life insurance is a traditional model that offers coverage for a few decades. Your parents must have a physical exam. But the rates are low and the policy amounts are high.

Whole life insurance lasts a lifetime. It is similar to term life insurance with higher rates.

Final expense insurance covers only the costs associated with your parents' passing.

  1. Determine the Owners

In your policy agreement, your parents are the insured. You have already determined who among your family will benefit. Now you must decide who will own the policy.

Those who own the policy are responsible for making payments. You might choose to own the policy yourself or between beneficiaries. It's up to you to determine what's best for your family.

  1. Ensure Proper Setup Before Signing

The moment before finalizing your policy is crucial. You must review the details carefully. High taxes or a poor setup could hurt your payout later.

Once your policy is in place, rest assured. You can be confident your family is covered. Your parents will enjoy knowing their loved ones will be cared for when they're gone.

The Best Starting Point for Policies and Quotes

Choosing the right life insurance policy takes time. But it doesn't take long to begin a thorough search.

Insurdinary has the fastest tools for finding the best policy for your family. Compare, select, and get a quote instantly. Contact us directly to learn more.

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