Life Insurance 101 Articles

What Is Mortgage Insurance? Do You Really Need It?

You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a home. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re thrilled […]

Can I Get Life Insurance with Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a term that collects a variety of potential conditions, all of which impact the way a person’s […]

How Much Is Mortgage Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Buying property is a great investment for you and your family. But, it's an expensive commitment. Did you know some […]

Buying Life Insurance Online? Read This First Before Getting It

In 2017, there were almost 29 million Canadians who carried some form of insurance policy. In the same year, insurers […]

Mortgage Insurance FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Over 450,000 homes were sold in 2018 in Canada. Many of these people were first-time home buyers seeking out a […]

Importance of Life Insurance Policy During a Recession: Why You Need It

Are you worried about an upcoming recession? Policy makers and economists forecast the possibility of recession within the coming years. […]

Understanding Life Insurance for Children in Canada

Over 22 million Canadians hold life insurance policies. Only a tiny fraction of these policies cover children.  But why do parents […]

Mortgage Insurance vs Life Insurance: What's the Difference

What's the difference between insurance from mortgage lenders and personal life insurance when it comes to protecting your mortgage? Read […]

Can You Get Life Insurance with Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis impacts every aspect of your life, even how you shop for life insurance. Whether you’re newly diagnosed […]

10 Things You Should Know About Joint Life Insurance

Both you and your spouse need insurance, so why not purchase joint life insurance? Here are 10 things you should […]

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