Manulife Articles

A Complete Guide to Manulife Benefits and Coverage for Infertility Treatments

Infertility rates in Canada have doubled in the last 30 years, rising from under 8% in the ’80s to roughly […]

Health Insurance Manulife: How This Provider is Serving the Self-Employed

You finally did it. You broke away from the traditional nine to five grind and become your own boss. As […]

Your Guide to Manulife Insurance in Toronto

The Canadian health care system has long been touted as superior to the American system. And for actual health care […]

One Stop Shop: A Guide to Manulife Insurance Plans in Toronto

When you’re looking to buy insurance, the last thing you want is for it to be overly complicated. Choosing an […]

A Vancouver Resident’s Guide to Manulife Health Insurance

The average Canadian pays close to $6,000 each year in public health care costs. But if you’re considering getting additional […]

How to Find the Right Manulife Healthcare Products for You

Have you considered getting supplemental health insurance for you and your family? If it’s not something you’ve already thought about, […]

How Does FollowMe Premiere Plan Differ from Other Manulife Health Insurance Products?

Manulife Health Insurance Products: Is FollowMe Premiere Worth It? Maybe you’ve recently gotten married, bought a new home, or even […]

Is Manulife FlexCare ComboPlus Starter Plan the Best Personal Health Insurance Product?

When you’re trying to decide which kind of personal health insurance is right for you, we know that you have […]

FlexCare by Manulife Guide: Should You Upgrade to Manulife FlexCare ComboPlus Enhanced?

Manulife FlexCare with Health and Dental Plans apply for ComboPlus Enhanced Anywhere between 200,000 – 500,000 people in Canada are […]

Manulife Health Insurance Products: All About FlexCare ComboPlus Basic

Canadian healthcare is a worldwide topic of debate and it’s considered a standard that all Westernized countries should follow. That’s […]

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