What Is Manulife Vitality?

Posted on July 12, 2021

Are you looking for a program that rewards you for making healthy choices? Do you need the motivation or want the benefits?

Either way, we've got the program for you: Manulife Vitality.

Manulife Vitality is a program that focuses on health and wellness. And, it offers incentives for healthy decisions whether you're on an individual or a group plan.

Manulife Vitality is truly changing the face of health and wellness. And, they're revolutionizing how we go about caring for ourselves.

The Manulife Vitality Program is a kind of rewards program that focuses on healthy choices and overall wellness. If you're a policyholder, all you need to do is download the Manulife Vitality App. Then, you can accept the terms of service and start earning points.

There are plenty of ways to earn points through Vitality Wellness:

  • Performing physical activities
  • Completing exercises
  • Getting medical tests performed (as requested by your physicians)
  • Visiting your doctor as needed
  • Practicing everyday self-care

By recording these actions through the Vitality Health app, you'll be able to rack up points. Then, you can redeem those points for different rewards like gift cards and discounts.

The Manulife Vitality App uses information that your fitness watch can send. This could be an Apple Watch, a Fitbit Garmin Vivofit, or something similar. These devices help the application understand how your everyday choices affect your overall wellbeing.

Based on the information that the watch is gathering, the app sets weekly goals. These are personalized to each individual. 

From there, the app builds a health improvement plan that can help each policyholder improve their health and overall wellness. Plus, the points system makes it easier to make healthier choices more often.

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Manulife Vitality for Individuals

Vitality healthcare for individuals focuses on offering protection for individuals while helping them earn rewards and save on their insurance payments. All the while, the policyholder will be improving their health. So, they may see decreases in their health costs from this, too.

To start on each individual's journey, the app first takes a look at where your starting point is. The application does this by pinning down your Vitality Age. This is an indication of your overall health as represented by age.

Your Vitality Age will change day by day depending on the choices that you make. The healthier the choices, the lower your Vitality Age will be.

Next, Vitality Manulife works to improve your health. The app tracks your everyday healthy activities through a personalized program. Each step is goal-oriented and broken down into small, digestible bits of information.

The Vitality Wellness program seeks to encourage and inspire its users to make healthier choices. And, it's built for patients with and without chronic illnesses.

Once you get started with the app, you can start earning points and rewards. You may even be able to earn points for things that you already do.

If you take a walk, you earn points. If you see the dentist, you earn points. If you read health articles, you earn points.

The more points you earn, the higher your Vitality Status becomes. This means that you have a greater potential for rewards and discounts.

How Do People Sign Up for Manulife Vitality?

If you're interested in joining Vitality Health, you can sign up online. The program is now available through all health and dental plans in Canada, given that you purchased it after October 1st of 2019.

There are two options for health and dental insurance:

  1. Flexcare
  2. FollowMe

Flexcare focuses on offering its users flexible and affordable health and dental insurance. You can even take this coverage with you if you change your job or have a health issue. And, you'll have additional coverage if you're 65 or older.

FollowMe helps people obtain coverage for the things that their employee health plans don't account for. So, the FollowMe starts where your employee insurance ends. And, you can get 15 to 30 days of emergency medical travel coverage.

For both of these plans, you may be able to get special rates for families with three or more people.

If you're not sure which plan may be best for you, you should speak with an insurance advisor. They can help guide you through the terms of each plan so that they can find which one is best.

Manulife Vitality Group Benefits

Manulife Vitality also offers group benefits. Just like Vitality for individuals, Vitality for groups focuses first on where your starting point is. To do this, the app looks at your current health, social habits, lifestyle choices.

Then, you can rack up points and earn rewards based on these healthy behaviours. The company made their system like this to encourage everyone to build the motivation necessary to make real lifestyle changes.

Just like with an individual plan, you'll have three major steps:

  1. Find out your Vitality age based on The Vitality Nutrition Assessment and the Mental Well-Being Reviews
  2. Improve your health by hitting personalized weekly targets that focus on lifestyle choices
  3. Earn points and rack up rewards by reaching goals and completing tasks

Over time, Manulife Vitality will be rolling out its group benefits to more and more people. So, if you don't have access to a group benefits account yet, you'll soon be able to get access to one.

How Do People Sign Up for Group Benefits?

Getting group benefits is as easy as getting individual benefits. All you need to do is download the app and get started with your insurance plan. 

From there, you'll start taking assessments and racking up points. 

The one difference with group insurance is that you may want to get a group insurance broker. An insurance broker will help you compare different kinds of insurance to help ensure that you get the right kind of insurance for your situation.

When it comes to working with a group, things can get a little complicated. Everyone may have different medical conditions or need different levels of care. The key is to find a group insurance plan that covers everyone well.

Rewards for Healthy Choices

Usually, making lifestyle changes takes months. It's a consistent amount of effort over time that some people don't have the patience to give.

Plus, you rarely find quick improvements. So, gathering motivation can be difficult.

But, the Manulife Vitality App helps with these problems. By making healthy lifestyle changes, you can rack up points and exchange them for discounts and rewards.

What Types of Rewards Can I Get from the Programs?

The Manulife Vitality program offers a wide range of health-related rewards. You can win a Vitality Garmin Watch or an Apple Watch. You could get stays from Hotels.com or gift cards for Amazon.

You also have access to sales and coupons just by joining Vitality Manulife. You get 55% off at certain fitness clubs. You even get a free annual health assessment through ExamOne.

The kinds of rewards that you get depend on the level that you're at. There are four levels and each has point requirements:

  1. Bronze - a minimum of 0 points
  2. Silver - a minimum of 3,500 points
  3. Gold - a minimum of 7,000 points
  4. Platinum - a minimum of 10,000 points

You'll get more points for more extensive activities. The more that something affects your health, the more points you can earn.

Earn Points

As you complete different health-related activities, you're going to rack up different point values. There are five different point categories:

  1. The Annual Health Review
  2. Preventative Maintenance
  3. Online Options
  4. Certification
  5. Physical Activities

You could earn 200 points for getting your shingles vaccine or 100 points for getting CPR training. You can earn up to 6,000 points every year for working out regularly.

And, these points aren't just for physical health. Vitality puts a focus on mental and emotional health as well. That's why you can earn points for completing mental well-being reviews and meeting goals.

How Do I Earn Points?

There are plenty of ways to earn points:

  • Walking
  • Running Biking
  • Weightlifting
  • Any kind of exercise
  • Going to your yearly checkup
  • Seeing the dentist
  • Getting a preventative appointment
  • Having a health screening done
  • Getting vaccinations

You can get the most points for participating in races, fundraisers, and sporting events with physical activity. Your personal fitness watch can track these kinds of physical activities for you.

As you progress with Vitality Health, you'll take regular assessments and have mental health check-ins. These can help you earn points as well.

It's also important to talk about yearly lifestyle bonus points.

Each and every choice that you make is related to your health in some way. You make some of these choices so often that it would be too much to earn points every single day because of it. But, Vitality still wants to offer points because these choices are important to your overall health.

So, you'll earn what Vitality calls yearly lifestyle bonus points. Instead of earning a couple of points every day, you'll receive a large number of points each year. For example, you could earn 1,000 points each year for choosing not to smoke.

With this, you can also earn points for completing the Vitality Health Review each year. There are also blood pressure checks, glucose checks, BMI checks, cholesterol checks, and more.

Track Your Progress

With Vitality Wellness, you can track your progress over time. It's not just about earning the most points that you can today. It's about bettering your everyday habits so that you can improve your health over time.

The biggest measure of progress is through the Annual Health Review. Each year, the Manulife Vitality app will ask you to complete a BMI check, a glucose check, a cholesterol check, and more.

Each one of these tests can earn you more and more points. And, you'll earn extra points if the lab results are normal.

How Does Manulife Vitality Track Progress?

Through a fitness watch, the Vitality app can track your everyday activities. It can see how many calories you're burning and how much physical activity you're doing.

When it comes to the annual review, Vitality depends on the physical examination that your primary care physician performs. Then, it can use the results from that to determine how many points you can get.

Because Vitality is tied to your current health insurance, it can make sense of the results that you're getting. 

Does Manulife Vitality Make a Difference?

When people are trying to build healthy habits, there are a few barriers that they may encounter. In fact, these barriers are a few of the reasons that most people don't follow through with lifestyle changes.

You don't see immediate results. So, you don't get immediate results. This makes it hard to stay motivated.

But, Manulife Vitality helps policyholders stay motivated with their small incentives. Small, frequent rewards can help people stay motivated over time even if they aren't seeing physical results.

Most of the people who use Manulife Vitality find that their system is helpful for reaching goals and setting more. The idea of earning points and saving money is attractive enough to most people looking to make lifestyle changes.

So, Manulife Vitality is made for making a difference. It has the ability to change policyholders' lives for the better. It's all about the personalization and motivation that the program offers.

Finding the Best Health Insurance

Getting the right health insurance is one of the best things that you can do for your health. Whether you have preexisting conditions or not, you need strong and reliable health insurance that can protect you if something goes wrong.

The work that Manulife Vitality is doing with its wellness program is amazing. More and more patients are finding the motivation to complete necessary healthful acts. Thus, more and more people are finding better lab results and scale numbers.

While you're walking through this journey to complete wellness, our team here at Insurdinary is here. We've got all of the information that you need to take your wellness to the next level, including the best health insurance deals that you can get right now. 

So, take the next step and get ready to rack up some points!

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