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Tangible: Long Term Care Insurance

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Blue Cross Long Term Care Insurance – The Perfect Coverage for Long-term Care

Everyone wants to live long but not everyone plans for the future. When old age sets in, the common trend is to become dependent and to lose one’s autonomy, maybe due to one ailment or another. Blue Cross provides a robust long-term care insurance designed for you when you lose your autonomy, cognitive impairment or for any other purpose in the long-term.

With Blue Cross long-term care insurance, you will have the financial freedom to get the best care you can access anywhere you desire. You may choose to have the long-term care in a long-term care facility or you can decide to have the long-term care in the comfort of your home. Whatever you want, long-term care insurance can help you have it.

What Long-term Care Coverage Offers

Blue Cross long-term care offers so many benefits and features. Two of such benefits and features include loss of autonomy benefit and hospitalization benefit. These benefits are designed to have the insured reimbursed in the event of loss of autonomy or cases of accidents or ill health conditions.

  • Blue Cross Long-term care coverage is flexible and innovative, designed to cater for you in the long-term.
  • If you lose your autonomy or have a cognitive impairment, this coverage will accord you the financial freedom to get the best possible long-term care you can ever access in Canada.
  • You can decide where to have the long-term care coverage; either in a long-term care facility or in the comfort of your home.
  • Benefits like loss of autonomy and hospitalization benefits apply to this plan. These benefits will get you reimbursed in the event of loss of autonomy, or cases of illness or accident.
  • You can purchase this insurance plan as a unique benefit or in addition to your monthly benefit.

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