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Blue Vision Plan – Monthly Indemnity

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Blue Cross Blue Vision – A Disability Insurance Plan for High-Risk Occupation

Even if employees in every other industry do not cover themselves with a disability insurance plan, employees who work in a hazardous occupation that need disability insurance because they are exposed to all sorts of hazardous conditions. However, this plan is not exclusively for such employees described above, even students, retirees, part-time employees, and seasonal workers can take advantage of this plan.

This disability insurance plan offers several benefits. One of such benefit is up to $2,000 each month depending on your age and your current health status. There are also many features that make this plan colorful. It can customize your insurance plan to suit your exact needs and purposes by choosing from a selection of the benefit and waiting periods.

Interesting Benefits Available in Blue Vision Disability Insurance

As an insured covered by the Blue Vision disability insurance coverage, you can enjoy a number of benefits such as organ donation benefit, return-to-work bonus, waiver of premiums benefit, indexation of benefits, automatic increase in benefit, increase in benefit and a lot of other interesting features.

  • Blue Vision plan is unique for its flexibility. The plan has flexible benefit and waiting periods.
  • To be eligible for this plan, you must benefit from the meaning of hospital and health insurance in your province and you must not be disabled or hospitalized on the day the contract takes effect.
  • This contract is renewable. It is renewed on the exact date you initiated it each year.
  • Some of the benefits that comes with this plan include automatic benefit increase, increase in benefit, return-to-work bonus.
  • If the insured is disabled as a result of organ transplant, you can enjoy a disability benefit related to organ donation. This benefit only hold if you become disabled at least 12 months after your disability insurance becomes effective.
  • You can enjoy the waiver of premiums benefit if you become disabled before your 60th birthday. This implies that you will no longer be required to pay premiums for the coverage as long as you remain disabled.
  • You can tailor your plan to suit your needs with by choosing from a selection of benefit periods and waiting periods available in the plan.
  • This plan can offer you up to $2,000 per month in benefit depending on your present health condition and your age.

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