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Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Economical proud to serve more than one million Canadians across the country through a national independent broker force. As a multi-channel insurance company, It provide Canadians with great service regardless of how they choose to purchase their insurance. Behind the scenes and in the field, it’s our employees and valued broker partners that make all the difference. They’re the reason we’ve come as far as we have, and the reason we’ll go much further still.

Today ECONOMICAL is one of the Canada’s Leading PROPERTY and CASUALTY (P&C) Insurance Companies.

Investments in innovation, customer service, and operations underpin the future of Economical. Our company is poised to grow, invest, expand, and deliver value to its broker partners and customers. Get ready for the future, with Economical.

The company has a 4.02% market share, measured by direct written premium in the Canadian Property & Casualty Insurance market as of December 2012. As of 2014, it had about 1.6 billion in mutual policyholder’s equity. It is the 9th largest property and casualty insurance company in Canada, by direct written premium and the 20th largest insurance company in Canada, by total assets.

The firm owns several operating subsidiaries, the largest of which is Economical Mutual Insurance Company. Other member companies are Perth Insurance Company, Waterloo Insurance Company, The Missisquoi Insurance Company, and Federation Insurance Company of Canada.

Popular Products

Economical Car Insurance

You're going places? Economical Insurance can protect you and your vehicles along the way. Economical Car insurance covers all type of vehicles from cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, antique cars, snowmobile, ATVs, motorcycles, mopeds, camper cars to motorhomes. With Economical you can enjoy these benefits such as legal fees (if being sued), damage to other involved, medical expenses, accident repairs, lost wages (if unable to work), cracked windshields, rental car cost, theft, vandalism and many more.

Economical Home Insurance

There's no place like home. Whether you own it or rent it, Economical can protect you and your things. Economical Home insurance offers all type of home coverage from house, cottage, condo, tenant to landlord. With Economical you can enjoy these benefits such as property (your home), contents (your stuff), identity theft, home-based businesses, additional living expenses, detached buildings & sheds, damages to others involved, trailers, watercraft  and many more.

Economical Farm Insurance

More than a farm. It's a way of life. Economical  putting farmers first for over a century. With this Economical offers Farm insurance products such as 'Premier Poultry Insurance' and 'Premier Dairy Insurance' to continue protect Canadian farming families with customized insurance solutions for their homes, cars, trucks, machinery, and operations.

Economical Products

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For more information, you may contact us at 1-877-574-7475, or complete the form below.

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