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Equitable Life of Canada is based in Waterloo Ontario, part of Equitable Group.

With roots dating back to 1920, Equitable Life of Canada provides group benefits, savings and retirement management, individual life insurance plans and a full spectrum of investment management funds. They are one of Canada’s largest and most reputable mutually owned providers of insurance.

Equitable Life’s financial success is a result of very strong growth and a conservative approach to investment. They take a conservative approach to risk and focus on longer term strategies that foster ongoing stability and growth for our policyholders and business partners.

Popular Products

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers affordable and flexible protection with a choice of premium payment options to fit your budget. It's an Equitable Life Temporary Life insurance product that designed for you, your family and/or your business.

Equimax Whole Life Insurance

Equimax insurance offer permanent protection with guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefit. The cash value can be use in any way you choose either to fund education, renovate your home or even supplement your retirement income. It's an Equitable Life Permanent Life insurance product that designed for Canadian that want protection with cash value.

Equation Generation IV UL Insurance

Equation Generation IV insurance offer cost-effective life protection and tax-advantaged investment opportunities. It's an Equitable Life Universal Life insurance product that designed for Canadians who want protection with tax-advantaged investment.

EquiLiving Critical Illness Insurance

EquiLiving insurance provides a a lump-sum benefit, after a survival period of 30 days from the critical conditions covered by the plan. You can use the benefit payment any way you choose. It's an Equitable Life Critical Illness insurance product that designed for Canadian families.

Equitable Life of Canada Products

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Insurdinary provides a comprehensive quotes comparison sends straight to your inbox so you can start comparing health coverage in minutes. See plans from several major Canadian insurers to choose the right option for you. Our customer health specialists are also available to address your questions and concerns.

For more information, you may contact us at 1-877-574-7475, or complete the form below.

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