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About Desjardins Insurance

In 1900, Alfonse Desjardins - a journalist and political activist - started The Desjardins Financial Group. He began the group for the working-class community. The company still stands by the philosophy of being community-centric until this day as it operates on a non-for-profit basis. As Canada’s largest cooperative financial group, Desjardins garnered a reputation as a leading and trusted insurance provider.

Desjardins offers home and auto insurance, pet insurance, health and disability insurance, life insurance, savings-life insurance, group insurance, credit insurance, and travel insurance. Desjardins is a whole-hearted cooperative with a focus on community and sustainability.

Desjardins Key Information

Company NameFédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec
Head Office Address 100, avenue des Commandeurs, Lévis (Québec) G6V 7N5
Contacts418-835-8444 or 1-866-835-8444
In Business Since 1900
A.M. Best Rating -
Financial AssetsC$20.32 Billion
Terms and Conditions

How Do I Purchase a Plan with Desjardins?

Contact any insurance broker who is contracted with Desjardins, or contact Desjardins directly.

How Can I Reach Desjardins by Telephone?

The customer service phone number for Desjardins in Canada is 1-866-835-8444.

How Do I File a Claim with Desjardins?

Filing a Desjardins insurance claim can be done by following the instructions in this article.

Desjardins Pros and Cons

As with any product or service, and depending on your individual needs, there’s always advantages and disadvantages.

Why Desjardins May Be Right For You

  • Wide range of insurance products
  • Strong financial stability 
  • Excellent customer service

Why Desjardins May Not Be Right For You

  • May not offer the most competitive pricing
  • Some policy restrictions and conditions
  • Limited online services

What Does Desjardins Insurance Cover?

Desjardins offers multiple insurance products, across multiple insurance verticals to meet the needs of individuals, families, and businesses. The coverage provided by Desjardins Canada can vary depending on the type of insurance product you purchase. From travel to life and everything in between, here is what Desjardins has to offer in the insurance space.

Desjardins Health and Dental Plans

Desjardins health and dental plans, designed to meet the diverse needs of families and individuals. With a wide range of benefits, including prescription drugs, vision, and dental care, these plans provide the peace of mind you deserve. Choose from a variety of options, such as basic, enhanced, and premium coverage, to find the perfect plan that suits your unique requirements.

Desjardins® Health Insurance

Healthcare insurance from Desjardins® offers extensive coverage to individuals that spans beyond what the provincial health care systems offer. This plan will give you coverage for things like prescription drugs; visits to specialists such as chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychologist; vision care; ambulatory services; diagnostic services; orthotics and prosthetics; and travel insurance. The Basic or Enhanced policies will provide you with different coverage amounts.

Desjardins® Dental Insurance

Desjardins Insurance offers comprehensive dental care coverage, including preventive, restorative, and emergency services, providing confidence in being covered for a wide range of treatments. Customizing your dental care coverage is easy with various options, like orthodontia and cosmetic dentistry. Desjardins Insurance offers discounts on treatments and medications, making dental care more accessible. Various dental plans cover preventive care, orthodontics, and major restorative procedures, with discounts on services like root canals and crowns. You can add affordable medication coverage prescribed by your dentist. The extensive network of dentists and specialists assures access to specialized care when needed.

Desjardins® Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Personalized Insurance from Desjardins® is there to provide you with financial security in the event you become diagnosed with a critical illness. There are 26 critical illnesses covered in this plan. You’ll receive a tax-free benefit that ranges from $10,000 to $3,000,000 - depending on the coverage plan you choose. Desjardins® offers coverage for individuals, children, and businesses.

Desjardins® Disability Insurance

The Disability Insurance plan from Desjardins® will help you cater to your financial needs if you are unable to work due to a disability caused by an accident, injury or illness. A tax-free benefit contingent on your income will be paid in the event that you are unable to work due to your injury or illness. In case of disability, the monthly benefit you will receive ranges between $400 and $10,000. You can switch the needs of your plan within the first 7 years of holding the policy without having to submit a new medical screening.

Desjardins® Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance is for anyone 18 years old or older. The application process is fast and there is no medical exam required in order for you to qualify. The plan is customizable with benefits that cover fractures; dismemberment; or loss of use; hospitalization; accidental death; and educational fees such as transportation and tutoring. Accident Insurance is available to you 24/7, from wherever you happen to be in the world.

Desjardins® Home & Auto Insurance

Desjardins Home and Auto Insurance, where protection meets peace of mind. With their comprehensive coverage, your home and vehicle are safeguarded against unexpected events, giving you the confidence to face life's uncertainties. Desjardins can be relied upon to tailor insurance plans that perfectly suit your needs, ensuring you have the right protection at the right price.

Desjardins® Home Insurance

Home Insurance from Desjardins® offers you extensive insurance coverage for the home you live in. You’ll need to make a list of all your belongings in the home and have the value of your home assessed as well. The home insurance covers you for liability if someone is injured on the property. Also included in the package is coverage for theft, fire and vandalism; dwelling coverage for things like beams, fences and building materials; accidental water damage; extreme weather protection; fire, smoke, or explosion after an earthquake; furniture and belongings; structures like garages and sheds; and students away from plural. 

Desjardins® Cottage Insurance

Cottage Insurance from Desjardins® is insurance for your secondary home. Make a list of all your belongings and their value, in addition have the value of your cottage assessed. The all-risk coverage gives you protection for liability; theft, fire and vandalism; dwelling; accidental water damage; extreme weather protection; fire, smoke and explosion after an earthquake; tornadoes, hail and wind; furniture and belongings and detached private structures.

Desjardins® Condo Insurance 

Condo Insurance provided by the corporation that owns the condominium building you reside in provides you with minimal coverage. The condo corporation insurance covers things like the common areas such as lobby and terrace, and coverage for each unit, but this does not cover any improvements you make to your unit as a condo owner. The condo owner’s insurance from Desjardins® gives you coverage for the improvements you make to your condo, liability coverage, and coverage for the contents in your condo. In addition, you’re also covered for fire, theft and vandalism; accidental water damage; extreme weather coverage; and fire, smoke or explosion after an earthquake. 

Desjardins® Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance from Desjardins® gives apartment renters peace-of-mind, as there is no protection provided to you from the building corporation. Also, privately owned homes typically won’t cover your belongings should they be destroyed or stolen. Tenant insurance covers you for things like liability should you or someone become injured on the premises, or for property damage. In addition, the tenant insurance also covers your belongings in the apartment, as well as coverage for fire, theft and vandalism; accidental water damage; extreme weather coverage; and fire, smoke or explosion after an earthquake. 

Desjardins® Car Insurance

Car Insurance is mandatory to have if you own a vehicle. Desjardins® provides you with both mandatory and optional car insurance. The mandatory insurance covers you for liability, accident, direct compensation property damage, and uninsured automobile coverage. The optional coverage includes things like family protection coverage, collision or upset coverage, and comprehensive coverage for things like fire, theft and vandalism. The company also offers multiple ways to save on their car insurance premiums including having zero violations, insuring multi vehicles, and being a young driver.

Desjardins® Motorcycle Insurance 

Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario is absolutely mandatory. Desjardins® provides motorcycle insurance that includes traditional motorcycles, three-wheel motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, and sidecars. The policy includes liability coverage up to $1 million, and if you ride outside of the province it’s $2 million. In addition, the policy also includes coverage for accidental benefits for things like medical expenses, rehabilitation and funeral costs. You also get Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD), and uninsured automobile coverage. 

Desjardins® ATV Insurance 

All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance from Desjardins® includes quads or four-wheelers, side-by-side ATVs, and dirt-bikes. The ATV insurance gives you $1 million in liability coverage, and $2 million if you take your ATV out of province. In addition to this, you’re also covered for accident benefits that include medical expenses, rehabilitation, and funeral expenses. The plan also comes with Direct Compensation Property Damage(DCPD) coverage, and uninsured automobile coverage. 

Desjardins® Snowmobile Insurance

Snowmobile Insurance from Desjardins® is designed to protect you for when you’re on your snowmobile. This plan includes touring snowmobiles, crossover snowmobiles, trail snowmobiles and utility snowmobiles. In this plan you’ll get $1 million in liability coverage, and $2 million if you take your snowmobile out of province. In addition to this, you are covered for accident benefits that include medical expenses, rehabilitation, and funeral costs. The plan is also equipped with Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD), and uninsured automobile coverage. 

Desjardins® Recreation and Other Vehicle Insurance 

Recreation and Other Vehicle Insurance from Desjardins® includes motorhomes, fifth wheels, pop-up campers, tent trailers, truck campers, utility trailers, and travel trailers. In this plan you’ll get $1 million in liability coverage, and $2 million if you take your RV or trailer out of province. In addition, you will be covered for accident benefits that include medical expenses, rehabilitation, and funeral costs. The plan also comes with coverage for Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD), and uninsured automobile coverage. 

Desjardins® Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Boat and Watercraft insurance from Desjardins® covers motorboats, sailboats, personal watercraft, canoes and kayaks, rowboats, pontoon boats, pedal boats and other pleasure crafts. The boat insurance covers property damage and insured risks. This plan is buildable and you can add additional coverage for liability, medical and funeral expenses, accidental death benefit, newly acquired watercraft, emergency services, wreck removal, travel expense, and the cost of renting a replacement boat if need be.

Desjardins® Group Insurance

Group Insurance - Desjardins® group insurance plan includes a number of options and coverage. Some of the insurance plans available here include supplementary healthcare, vision care, convalescent care, gender affirmation care, prescription drugs, dental care, disability, critical illness, life, accidental death and dismemberment, travel and trip cancellation, and added optional coverage. Desjardins Group Insurance is ideal if you are retiring or leaving your job or you simply want to reduce the cost of your prescription drugs. It provides you access to 24/7 online services and security. The company also offers wellness support programs and an array of complimentary services designed to take care of your staff.

Desjardins® Life Insurance

Desjardins® offers a comprehensive array of solutions dedicated to preserving your family's financial security. Their range of insurance plans are meticulously designed to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Whether you aspire to leave a lasting inheritance, require adaptable coverage, or wish to capitalize on long-term investment benefits, Desjardins® life insurance offerings are finely tuned to meet your unique requirements. Safeguard your legacy with Permanent Life coverage, provide flexibility and extensions through Term Life, or embrace the advantages of Universal Life's dual insurance and investment facets.

Permanent Life Insurance

This is the right insurance plan for those who intend to leave an inheritance for their dependents, and to stay insured no matter their health condition. Permanent Life insurance from Desjardins® offers life insurance to the policyholder, as long as the premiums are paid. Coverage ranges from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on which policy you choose. Policy lengths can range from 10, 15 or 20 years, or to ages 65 or 100 years of age.

Term Life Insurance

Your insurance coverage can be customized when you take advantage of the add-ons and features included in the Term Life insurance plan from Desjardins®. The premiums for this plan can be fixed throughout your policy. You can also easily extend your insurance coverage without submitting a proof of good health. Coverage starts at $25,000, and your insurance term policy options are 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, or to the age of 65. Terms 10, 20 and 30 are renewable until the age of 85, whereas Life Term to age 65 is not renewable.

Universal Life Insurance

This insurance plan can help you to meet long term needs and even leave a good inheritance for your loved ones, and the premiums for this plan may vary depending on the features you choose. Universal Life insurance from Desjardins® has a life insurance component, and an investment component. The life insurance component allows you to maximize the value of your estate. The policy is also customizable without penalty, and you are also able to add additional coverages.

Desjardins® Travel Insurance

Desjardins® has more than 30 years of experience in travel insurance and therefore is an industry leader in this field. The plan can provide you flexible multi-trip annual insurance. It includes packages and options such as an emergency return trip, emergency healthcare, baggage, accidents and trip cancellation. These packages and options can be used to further customize your insurance plan. You can cover your family members under this plan. The family premium is very affordable. Only two older travelers are charged premiums under this plan.

Desjardins® Credit Balance Insurance

This comprehensive coverage offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring your financial security and well-being. With Desjardins® by your side, you can rest assured that your outstanding credit balances are protected in unexpected situations, such as disability, critical illness, or even loss of life. The insurance steps in to cover your payments, preventing undue financial strain on you and your loved ones during challenging times. With flexible options and tailored solutions, Desjardins® Credit Balance Insurance ensures that you can continue to meet your financial commitments without worry. 

Desjardins® Loan Insurance

In case you face death or disability, the Loan Insurance from Desjardins® is there to help make payments on your loans. The coverage includes two options, life insurance, and disability insurance. These options determine the features included in the policy. The life insurance option covers the insured in the event of a cancer diagnosis or in the event of death. With the disability insurance option, the insured would be covered if they fall sick or an accident occurs. The insured has free access to some telephone assistance services such as psychological assistance, legal assistance, and convalescence assistance and case management. The plan also includes non-taxable benefits that are not reduced by any amount. To choose the life insurance option, you must be under 70 and, for disability insurance option you must be under 65.

Desjardins® Line of Credit Insurance

Insure your line of credit with the Desjardins Line of Credit Insurance. This is similar to loan insurance. The Line of Credit Insurance from Desjardins® was specifically designed to protect the policyholder should they become disabled or critically ill. The Line of Credit Insurance will cover any outstanding line of credit balance. Premiums are typically added on to your policy as an additional monthly payment. This plan is ideal for those that wish to guarantee that their line of credit is paid off incase of the unexpected.

Desjardins® Loan Insurance - Versatile Line of Credit

Similar to loan insurance, the Loan Insurance - Versatile Line of Credit from Desjardins® combines the loan insurance with a line of credit insurance. Policyholders will have access to a line of credit that can be used for a number of different purposes. At the same time, you will be ensured that your loan insurance is well protected. This is ideal if you wish to obtain a line of credit, and take advantage of the security of loan insurance at the same time.

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