Submitting a Desjardins Insurance Claim

Posted on June 30, 2021

Desjardins Insurance offers life and health insurance through Desjardins Group. Desjardins provides life and health insurance to over 5 million Canadians.

Desjardins Insurance ranks among the top 5 life and health insurers in Canada. Their head office is in Lévis, Quebec. They also have regional offices across Canada, from Vancouver to St. John's.

We'll explain Desjardins claim forms and how to submit a Desjardins insurance claim. Customers of Desjardins submit claims in the following ways.

Desjardins Insuance Portal claim screenshot

Submit a Desjardins Insurance Claim on the Website

On the Desjardins website, it's easy to make a Desjardins insurance claim.
The main page of the Desjardins website has a Claim tab on the top left-hand side of the screen. Click on it to get to the Submit a claim page.

Then, choose Group insurance or Individual insurance to make your Desjardins insurance claim.

If you are a group plan member, click the Online button with the mouse icon. You can submit a drug, dental, or vision care claim this way. You will then see the Desjardins sign-in page to input your User ID name and password.

Group plan members can also use the secure Desjardins portal. On the Desjardins portal, you're able to submit claims. You can also get Desjardins claims forms or check prescription drug coverage. To register, please click on sign up.

Desjardins also has a Customer Contact Centre for group plan members. If you have a question on how to submit a Desjardins insurance claim, please call 1-800-463-7843.

The Customer Care Contact Centre hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST). A customer care team member will ask you for details, including your group plan name, contract number, group insurance certificate, and ID number.

For Individual insurance policyholders, here's how to submit a Desjardins insurance claim.

Click on Submit a claim from the Desjardins website. Click on Individual insurance. Next, select either the Travel insurance button or the Other individual insurances button.

Individuals making a Desjardins insurance claim on travel insurance may need extra forms. Please read the instructions on how to submit a Desjardins insurance claim for individuals. If you have questions, there are contact numbers listed to reach Customer Care.

Under Other individual insurances, you will see tabs for various Desjardins claim forms. These include medical and dental expenses, life and health insurance, disability insurance, and accident insurance.

Click on the appropriate insurance tab to learn how to submit your Desjardins insurance claim.

For people making an individual Desjardins insurance claim, you may need to submit extra forms. Please call the Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-558-5525 and ask what forms they will need.

Submit a Desjardins Insurance Claim Through Mobile App

Group plan members of Desjardins submit a claim through the Omni mobile app for good reasons. The mobile app is quick, secure, and an easy way to process your Desjardins insurance claim.

Group plan members use the Omni mobile app often. It's easy to view claims histories, access payment cards, and check prescription drug coverage.

For Apple customers, please click on Desjardins insurance claim app. This will download the Omni mobile app on your iPhone or iPad.

For Android customers, the app is available on Google Play. Please click on this link to download: Desjardins insurance claim app.

Submit Desjardins Insurance Onsite

Desjardins insurance customers like the convenience of submitting claims through participating healthcare professionals. These healthcare professionals include pharmacists and dentists.

Participating pharmacists and dentists don't need Desjardins claim forms. They use your group plan payment card to pay your Desjardins insurance claim onsite. This way, whatever coverage you have gets paid immediately.

Doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, or psychologists need to submit Desjardins claim forms. These healthcare professionals may be able to submit forms on your behalf. The Desjardins website has an online tool so that you can find participating healthcare professionals in your area.

Accessing Desjardins Claim Forms and Checking Claim Status

You're now familiar with how to submit a Desjardins insurance claim. But how do you check your Desjardins insurance claim status? And if you need extra forms, where do you turn?

Here's what group plan members should do to locate Desjardins claim forms.
Under Submit a claim on the Desjardins website, you will see a smaller box on the left-hand side of the screen, under the Desjardins logo. If you look closer, you will see a link for Group Insurance Forms.

Click on Group Insurance Forms to access forms for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Dental care
  • Travel insurance
  • Prior authorization drugs
  • Accident / disability
  • Death
  • Administrative forms
  • Health and wellness accounts
  • Individual insurance forms

Group plans members can check the status online for their Desjardins insurance claim. Do this by logging on to the secure Desjardins portal with your User ID and password.

Another preferred way to check the status of your claim and view your claims history is by the mobile app. For group plan members, many features are available on the Omni Desjardins mobile app.

If you're an individual policyholder with Desjardins, the Desjardins website is your reference. Please visit the link for Individual insurance forms on the Submit a claim page.

When you click on the dropdown for Individual insurance forms, you will see insurance categories. Please click on the link for the type of insurance you need. You will find full details on Desjardins claim forms and checking claim status.

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